My boyfriend's dream...

About 30 minutes ago my boyfriend text messaged me, saying that he woke up in a sweat and the only thing he remembers is me holding a severed head. He said he was hoping it wasn’t his head and I got just as freaked out as he did. One thing that might have added to it is that he never remembers his dreams…ever…and suddenly he remembers me holding a severed head…(it’s 12:32AM here).

Does anyone know if this might be some kind of dream symbol or if it’s just a random occurence? I’m very curious about this and I’m sure he is, too.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t usually buy into the whole “dream symbol” idea. It just makes no sense that one image or dream occurrence could mean the same thing to everybody. In the case of your boyfriend’s dream, I think the best way to discover what it meant is by asking him about it. He may not remember most of the details, but by discussing it with him (or just having him think about it himself), he should be able to extract more meaning from it. Perhaps he watched a gory movie right before bed, or you made a comment about someone “losing his head”. It could be any number of things.

I wouldn’t worry about it, though. Almost everybody has strange or frightening dream images at times. Most of them don’t mean much at all, and they’re hardly worth getting worked up about. The mind is quite a playground, and it never seems to run out of crazy ideas to express and amuse itself. :smile:

Well the dream symbol thing is actually sientificly proven (ive heard) but it needs to happen repeatedly and it usualy doesnt really mean wath you think… So if you BF have more of these dreams it might mean something.

can dream symbols really be scientifically proven? :eh: in what way?

I dont really know exactly. :razz:… a friend told me… they like did loots of tests and stuffs. :razz: but annyway wath i know are for example that for example if you have reocuring dreams that involve driving that most likley indicates that you are trying to controll everything as much as possibel… And if you find yourself completley naked… it meatn some thing… wtf was it… cant really rember exatly :tongue: dont want to amke awrong statemnet here… but the important thing is that it can only be used if a theme in a rdeam is repeated regulary …

Right. You can only really rely on things like that if they occur quite frequently for you. I definitely believe in recurring dream symbols and images, but I draw the line at having people tell me what my dreams mean. No, big ocean waves do not necessarily mean I have issues. Flying does not necessarily mean I have a free spirit. Holding severed heads does not mean that I’m a freak. Etcetera. Every person is different. What their dreams mean is different, too. :smile:

I agree with Sno, what most people don’t know is that you have to know at least something about the person’s life to interpret. But in general you can give guess’s.

It could mean something along the lines of he’s afraid of you biting his head off about something. Maybe he feels guilty.

Or it could mean he afraid of you getting inside his head (if he’s a shy person who doesn’t like people getting close to him)

Its all about symbolism. You have to relate it to something going on in his life. Dream symbols are all relative to your subconscious and how it interprets your waking life.

hehe, loots of testing im sure :content: i approach dreaming at a very spiritual angle, so when people bring up scientific testing i go, “wha? they can do that?” i get skeptical, but i like to hear all sides :wink:

sno, lightandlove, im with you girls. ive been anti-dream dictionary for a long time. i have recurring dream themes and symbols and it took me forever to figure them out.

i have a friend who has a lot of dreams about babies and so do i. but they mean different things to us. for her its related to her nurturing nature. for me its a savior complex that im in the process of evolving from.

Can’t really interpret just that, if he remembers anything else, you could start trying to interpret the set of fragments.