My brain won't let me fly

I am very bad at lucid dreaming; obsessive research for about 6 month gave me almost no results.

However, what I like very much is imagining stories before I fall asleep. There’s this very cool character I like to be, that is, like, fighting villains and roaming a medieval city at night, and she’s a vampire and has large wings and fights and she’s extremely cool and don’t judge me okay. :peek:

Sometimes that will lead me to non-lucid dreams where I actually am this character. It is very enjoyable as the experience would me more intense and surprizing than when I’m only daydreaming about it before going to sleep.

The problem is, in those dreams my brain seems absolutely unable to cope with the fact that my character has wings. This leads to very ridiculous situations : for instance, fleeing from the villains or going from one rooftop to another should be very easy for someone who can fly, but as my dreaming brain seems unable to figure out how to use those wings, I always end up falling slowly to the ground, which is just silly. Needless to say, the coolness of my character suffers a lot from that. Those dreams are so rare, I get really frustrated. I have tried using that as a dream sign to go lucid but I never achieved it. Could there be another way to make my sleeping brain understand how to fly? :bored:

I know what you mean by “imagining stories”, I used to do it a lot as a kid, and each night was like an episode that continued the next day again and so on.

Anyway, you could imagine yourself going to an alchemist lab or something, and get an injection that makes your wings 5x as strong.

I don’t think there’s a way your mind will still not let you able to fly in your dreams after that.

Good idea, I will try that tonight and tell you if there’s been results. Thank you. Did you stop imagining those scenarios for good? Of course I’ve found it’s absolutely impossible to do when you don’t sleep alone :shy:
I think I’ll have to focus on that idea really hard as flying is OK in my waking scenarios (I’m even able to feel what it would be like to have that kind of wings), but in dreams my mind seems to have trouble grasping the fact that my body should be different than usual.

Do something you really believe will happen. Like for example cutting off the wings of a eagle and attaching them to your self. Or you injecting the DNA of a bird into your self, kind of like spider man. Make sure its something you believe. If its in your head that it is not possible for a human to suddenly grow wings and fly you won’t fly.
And for your LD results, give it a break man :happy:, when i first found about LD i had 3 in the first week. I was like wow this is gonna be easy why was everyone so worried about. Can you guess when i had my next one? 2 months latter when i decided to quit. The point is take it easy, stop the research and just do reality checks like every 2 hours.
(these worked for me, if they are wrong or do not work for you i’m sorry but please don’t criticize)

Just like Niborius said, it’s important to believe, if you can imagine yourself as this character and you have a success then you should pay more attention on imagining how you fly… But when doing that don’t limit your imagination just on flying with wings, have a open mind about that, the simplest and for me the best way is just pure flying, no wings, no power, no wind… just YOU! Even though I love to experiment but in the end I fly in almost every LD I had!

Yeah. Flying with great wings feels good you know ! :happy: For me it is granted that my character must have wings because that’s the way her race looks like. I already have half a success with it, as in my non-lucid dreams she does have the wings and the need for blood. Another big problem is that blood still tastes absolutely disgusting to me whereas it should be bliss for a vampire. What happens in those scenes is that I kinda pretend I like it for the dream’s sake.
I will begin RC’s again like Vinothmohanraj said. That should help a lot.

It’s a very interesting race! It’s a bit strange how you don’t like the taste of the blood, I would expect it to have a different taste then in WL, because in dreams feelings and tastes can be different then in WL… Maybe you can imagine that you can drink some sweet juice or something like that.

In one of my dreams I had wings and they were great and I never had a fantasy like you, being some other race in dreams, but who knows, maybe in future dreams I will be someone else! :content:

Indeed, the problem is that it tastes exactly the same as in WL. Which is awful - you wouldn’t drink blood, would you. And flying is the same as in WL too, that is to say, falling. I guess I have to have less realistic dreams :frowning:

I can’t say that I have experience with tastes, I don’t remember drinking or eating in dreams, but I expected to be different just like pain…

But from your experience it seems that I need to change my point of view… :smile:

I don’t have that kind of feeling, sometimes I do on purpose jump from a building or a cliff, to feel a thrill of falling but then I would fly up, higher and higher, so I don’t have a feeling of falling while flying…

And then you just “will” yourself up in the middle of your fall?

Yes, there is no special tech to fly for me, I just fly, it’s simple… I guess I can’t explain that, still this is just a dream! :happy:

Epic fail all the way, friends, I dreamt I was an ostrich.

I even remember thinking “that’s ok i’m only dreaming i’m an ostrich so chill out”. But I still didn’t go lucid. My brain is full of fail. :tongue:

the main thing it takes to become lucid is confidence. and you (with the research and too much trying) seem to be caught in a closed circle, same as i did in the first month i tried :smile: relax.

also, i think you should try VILD as a technique - it should work for you! do you know about it? you imagine a scenario and later in the night it happens - you incubate it. seems you can do this :smile: so instead of just daydreaming about your character (really interesting, by the way! her race, i mean :smile: ), dream about how you, let’s say, are your character but start wondering that it’s weird you are… or something comes up and asks you to do a RC. anyway, i’m not a specialist in VILD, it’s not my thing, but read up about it and try it, i think it should work for you because you can sort of incubate your dreams :smile:

and good luck! i would love to see these dreams of yours in a journal :content: do you have one online, on LD4all?

Thank you very much. VILD is a great idea. I will try that tonight and see what I can get from it :smile:

Actually I had one lucid dream a few years ago, then did research about it, and then tried hard for some months. I had a notebook in which I would scribble stuff when I woke up, downloaded software, thought a lot about RC all the time (had it on my mobile phone + had software randomly reminding me while I was working, etc). I had about 2 LDs as a result. But I felt the constant RCs were confusing me so I put everything to a stop.

The frustrating dream I was telling you on top of this post made me want to try all that again. I will be less obsessive about it, mostly make the efforts when I’m about to fall asleep. Having a DJ seems OK to me. Do you keep another DJ in Lituanian, or do you write everything in English?

Don’t worry about it, and I wouldn’t call that a fail, it only means that you are getting closer and closer…

Btw, the ostrich dream came after I had been trying to follow Niborius’ suggestion of making the wings stronger. I made my character do pull-ups on top of a pirate ship’s great mast for like ten minutes, lol. I guess I have to try harder :tongue:

i mostly write a Lithuanian DJ, but i also rewrite all my most memorable LDs into LD4all.

what you need is not many techniques, it’s just the right mindset - it has to be full of confidence :wink: confidence is the only thing that drives LDs!

mostly gook luck with your tries, but i’m sure you can succeed. if i have, you surely will :smile:

Thank you very much :smile:

i once had a LD where i had wings and i had to push my shoulders back and forth to fly