My brother really wants to learn lucid dreaming, but...

Ok so I had the courage to tell my bro about lucid dreaming, and surprising he did not call me crazy like most people would :sad: he actually really liked the idea and wants to start up! :content: but when we were discussing reality checks he has a big problem. Nearly all of his dreams he watches or is in 3rd person, basically he has no physical body. Anyway so he was like how am I meant to check my hands or flick a switch when I have no body. Please help guys is there anyway he can still do RC’s or even lucid dream at all. I hope he can because he really wants to learn.

No need to question whether RC will or will not work. Once when one is in a dream things happen as he imagines them. So even though he’s having 3rd person dreams he can still reach his hand out and see his hands, also he can plug his nose as long as one believes that will see his hands…

He needs to start practicing RC’ing and raising general awareness if he wants to lucid dream, I think that DJ is considering as normal thing!

Good luck, both of you! :content:

Im wondering why is everybody so afraid to tell people about LDing… I talk about LD to everybody that is close to me… Tell me, why is it so “bad thing” :O???

Because we think that they will call us crazy, and think we are weirdos, etc, evn though imo luicid dreaming is amazing and should be a school subject because it can help raise your confidence and basically any skill you want to work on (I’m currently trying to learn how to do a backflip by kicking off a wall :cool: )

Maybe checking if he has a physical body is a good RC? :razz:

Well thats the thing I dont understand. Cuz you can practise anything you like. Like playing an instrument or play pool. So why would learning to dream in a different way be any more than “just another thing”?

If somebody really thinks youre crazy because you try to learn a new thing…well then Id say that person is the crazy one. :smile:

Seems like you’ve grown up in a very open-minded environment. I’m a bit jealous right now. :tongue: The problem is that many people see dreams as something unimportant and connect lucid dreaming with “supernatural” stuff. At this point they usually stop listening and it’s difficult to tell them more about lucid dreams. Dreams are for them nothing more than the brain’s trash, and why would you care about trash? In my experience, people are more interested in the subject of LDing if they found out about it on their own, are already interested in dreams and/or have experienced a LD or a similar state of consciousness.

Btw: I crowed a bit when reading your signature. :happy: :bat:

I think that if he’s in the 3rd person, he can watch a clock. They are supposely really weird in dream, if it’s not right, someone correct me,i never done lucid myself, but im trying and i read some about it ^^ good luck for him. Also, if he can try to read a book, he shoudn’t be able. Have fun! And yes, i told 1 person and he called me crazy xD :grrr:

Im not sure what “crowed” means? even dictionary cant tell me :happy:

Yes thats true. My mom always said that I could become anything but a professional killer or a boxer :tongue: