My damn dreams!!

I’ve been reading up on LD for a while, doing RCs for about as long, and I keep saying “I will have a lucid dream” over and over again before I go to sleep. The problem is this: My dreams are so boring!! Nothing interesting happens, and I never notice I am dreaming. Nothing in my dreams since I have started trying has been out of the ordinary. No clues that I might be dreaming, just boring dreams! Why is this happening to me?! could it be some sort of reverse psychology thing where I try too hard to see something interesting, so I just have boring dreams?

Who knows? maybe you’re just a boring person :wink: just kidding. how about trying watching some movies before you go to sleep. like really messed up ones. try the nightmare before christmas, or some fantasy movie. lord of the rings maybe. do whatever it takes, try MAKING something have a placebo affect, say, ‘because i’m drinking this water, i’m going to have weird and unorthodox dreams.’

Well, maybe I am just a boring person… :happy:

The film idea is a good one, although my Mum, Dad and 3 little sisters are all asleep by the time I go to bed so watching a film really isnt practical. And LOTR is no good unless you have it really loud. Such great music!

I drink mint tea before I go to bed, but I dont seem to get any placebo with that. Dodgy.

Ah well, I’ll keep on trying

Must not give up!

lol i’m sure you’re a great person. just keep at it, you’ll get it.

Since you can’t watch a movie, you could read. Or look at a picture book :smile: I tried influencing my dreams with a large book about bugs, lotsa large color photos. I think I only did it one day. If you try something you should stick with it a while just to give it a chance eh?

Hehe, thanks you two :smile:

I have just had a good idea… we have the LOTR soundtrack on CD! I’ll try listening to that as I go to sleep.

A perfect example of my dreams from last night (details a bit blurry now) :

I saw our next door neighbour, went over to say hi, she said something along the lines of “Hello. How are you?” To which I replied “I’m great thanks, you?” “I’m good” then I woke up. Soooooooo frustrating :grrr: But I’m not giving up.

Yeah, just got to keep going…

I dont think i mentioned but i listen to radiohead a lot before i sleep… that might have something to do with it… maybe :confused:

No you didnt mention it, this is your 1st post ever so how could you? haha… hey welcome Fade^into^you … your avatar is nice but you should make it a bit smaller i think.

No, that’s where you’re wrong Xetrov. You see although it is only her first post, I have known her for a while. No, you haven’t mentioned it before :smile:

Yeah opps… Sorry this is now my second post and have been dragged into this random world of lucid dreaming by my friend foolish here q=

I umm… think i lucid dream, dont know much about it… have always done it if it is lucid dreaming…

hope the picture is better for you now…