My Daughter's First Dream (2 and a half!).... Was She Lucid?

I’ve edited this to put in the correct format as I record her dreams.

“Grandma Take My Wand - February 5, 2010”

[ND]This is pretty cool. My daughter is 2 and a half. At breakfast today, she said very matter-of-factly that “grandma take my wand”. She continued to tell me something about a “water” and a “wishing” wand, repeatedly insisting that “grandma take my wand”. So, I have no doubt that she had her first dream, or more likely the first dream that she’s been capable of talking about.

Well, right after that, she goes running down the hall yelling out “I’m flying! I’m flying!” Which she has NEVER done before!!![/ND]

I don’t think she could be lucid though, since I’d find it hard to believe that she knows what a dream is, which is needed to know you’re dreaming. But then again… :smile:

I’m so unbelievably happy for you :content:
To be honest, most probably all of your daughter’s dreams are lucid, as they don’t know any better (or rather, worse). It is very easy for them to be lucid in dreams, for they are lucid in life, living with a constant wonder for everything around them. Only a thing, don’t be jealous :wink:
In a couple of years, if you mention to her the fact that dreams are a thing to treasure and to use, and talk to her about lucidity, that will most likely fix her lucidty in dreams as a stated fact, and will probably become an acknowledged natural (meaning that then she would effectively know that her dreams are lucid and that she can control them). Be sure to put her dreams and creativity to good use, and good luck. :happy:

That’s so awesome! :woo:

Imagine, with just a few supportive words she can become an unimaginably fantastic LD’er when she gets older! :content:

Thats so cool I’m intrigued to read more of her dreams, please post them!

Be careful, and take it easy with her :wink: you could ask her every now and then what she did during the night :lol:

I’ll start a dream log for her (on my computer) and post them over here too. I’ll definitely take it easy on her, but wow, I wish my dream log started when I was 2 and a half! :smile:

Great! :happy:

That would be sooo cool :eek:

Wow LM, its gonna be interesting what she dreams about :cool:

/me waits patiently

You’ve inspired me to have kids, just so I can encourage them to lucid dream.

^^ LOL at the guy above : )

Good luck keeping her dream journal.
Keep us posted

So, my daughter now was a reoccurring dream. I edited this to put in text formatting for easier reading.

Grandma Take My Want Pt 2 - February 9, 2010

[ND]Today, after her afternoon nap, my daughter AGAIN told us that “Grandma take my wand!” She hasn’t seen grandma since the weekend, so it doesn’t seem to be a memory.[ND]

Wow, that’s so sweet and awesome!!! :happy: :happy: As someone already said, I think too, that as a (so little) child you maybe can’t separate dreams and reality, but then again even the reality feel like it’s full of “magic” :happy: Sometimes kids kan even concentrate on their plays so much, that it starts to feel real, and they later remember it as a real happening! (I for instance know a middle aged lady, who remembers very clearly, how she saw a giant troll as a child :wink: )

Here’s another dream from my daughter.

“Many Tails” - February 20, 2010

In the middle of the night, my daughter called out. I went to get her and she told me “I have a red tail.” I repeated it as a question, “You have a red tail?” She responded, “No, Daddy, I have a GREEN tail.” The next morning, I asked her what colour her tail was and she said, “I have a bum.”

hahahah, that’s so cute! :content:

That is incredibly sweet. Good luck with the dream journal!

That was a sweet dream :cool:

May I ask if you have told about LD’s for your daughter?

I can’t wait to read more of your daughters dreams. I have a 15 month old daughter and I always ask her when she wakes up…" Did you have happy dreams? What did you do, who did you meet last night in your dreams?" Of course she is to young to answer me but I’m just letting her know from an early age that we should talk about her dreamworld. I can’t wait till she answers me. :smile:
Last night I think she had a nightmare because she woke up screaming in her crib and when I went in to get her she wrapped her little arms around my neck super tight and I brought her to bed with me and my husband. She would not let go of me and fell asleep holding on tight.
I’m so excited to be able to one day soon be able to talk to her about her dreams. :content:

I have a friend who asked his daughter every morning about her dreams. He would prompt her, “Did you play with your friends?” She’s the same age as my daughter (2 and a half) and now, every morning, she responds, “I play with my friends.” Makes me wonder if she really does, or if that’s just the response she gives when she wakes up.

Everybody Flies! - Sunday, February 21, 2010

[ND]“Daddy, I fly! I under my blanket, I fly! Mommy fly too. And Ethan, and Daddy, and Grandma and Grandpa fly. I fly.”

As she demonstrated flying, she waved a hand through the air and said “shhhhhhh….”[/ND]

Man, I can’t believe how stunningly cute this is. :touched: Keep it up Mike, this may as well become one of my favourite topics ^^

Not yet, she’s only two and a half, so she’s pretty hard to talk to. I don’t think she understands what dreaming is yet, so LDing would be way beyond her.