My DCs hate me.

Probably my favorite thing to do in a LD is talk to a DC, but for this reason it seems to make it almost impossible! I usually realize I’m dreaming while alone in a dream and no matter how I try, I can never find anyone to talk to. When I happen to be around people, I try to ask them questions about whether they are aware that this is a dream and such, but all I get are short answers and none of them want to talk to me about it! Why is this and how can I make it easier for them to talk to me? Am I being too demanding? :lol:

Im no expert, but Id say that probably if youre expecting them not to talk to you then they probably wont.

Rubik’s right. Everything is a construct of your mind. If you believe they’ll talk to you, they will.

Actually - what you are describing is actually very common and happens to most people - espcially in LDs. DCs just seem to get confused by such questions are “Do you know this is a dream?” and generally you get a reaction like, “WOT? This is not how the script is supposed to go?!” :tongue:

So… do not fret - with patience and time, your DCs will be less shy!

Yeah… my DCs hates me too. They just say “Get out of my way!” when I try to speak to them. Okay, it only happened to the first and only DC I have talked to. Does that mean that my subconcious hates me? :neutral: Becouse that would be kind of awsome if it did…
And when I tried to meet my SG by screaming “I want to see my SP!” the dream just went darker and I heard somebody laugh with a deep, scary voice “Ha-ha-ha-haaa!” It scared the **** out of me, so I just ran away :tongue: Seems I’m ebil to the core :grin:

hahahhah, yeah, my SC avoids me too ¬¬

I don’t think my DC’s completely hate me but they tend to talk little most of the time. And sometimes they just say random things. Once I asked a DC what her name was and she answered “Three Strawberry RIvers”. :bored:

It seems like most of the LDs I have don’t have DCs. Sometimes there are DCs, I become lucid, they disappear. :eh:
I have had some… interesting experiences with DCs in LDs, though, to say the least! :tongue:

Yeah… my DCs hates me too. They just say “Get out of my way!”
sounds like they mightve come from new york XD
but seriously, ive had a couple of these, and for some reason, i got jumped once…but i just sent a few of my “pets” after him :grin:
A.K.A. monsters.
i love pets, and i love being evil in video games, so what better way to combine the two, than to have evil pets :grin:
ill set up a topic later on it :mrgreen: