My detailed WILD-without-WBTB failure I had last night :)

Hey guys, here’s my WILD experience I had just last night:

I get to bed around 9:30 PM and put in my earbuds so I can listen to some tunes on my phone while I get relaxed (listening to music always helps me get to sleep faster). For some reason, I decided I would try to do a WILD before doing WBTB (I guess I just wanted to try it :tongue:). I’m naturally good at doing WILDs (this I figured because I can always get my body relaxed and numb, and feel “sensations” every time I try; I got HI on my first WILD ever :wink: ), so I wanted to get back into lucid dreaming my way.

Anyway, I got relaxed and thought about where I would show up in my lucid dream, and what I would do. Soon, my feet started to feel numb, and the feeling crept up my legs within time. Now, I must admit that the music did get annoying when I was trying to focus in the later period (I didn’t want to move my hand to shut it off :grin:), and I was having a hard time keeping my eyelids relaxed as well. Nonetheless, I felt a warm surge of “static numbness” wash over my body after a few more mintues, and then I felt as if the blackness behind my eyelids got closer to me, and I felt it move…It was weird :neutral:.

Soon after, I feel like I’m rocking back and forth; like I’m in a ride at a circus that is going in a vertical circle, but the pod you are in is spinning as well. (That’s as best as I can describe it). My music then shut off, and I was just lying there, hearing my breathing and counting in my head (1, I’m dreaming, etc.) I tried to “look” for HI and wondering my it wasn’t showing up, but I was having a hard time keeping my eyes relaxed, and I started to get warm. I thought about whether I should keep going or not, but then decided to quit because I thought it would do no good: the combination of the bad timing, music, and sleep needed drove me to end it. I went to sleep normally, got up at 4:30 AM, went to the BR, laid down, found out I was hungry, had a hard time getting relaxed because I was hungry, and tried to go to sleep. (I found out you should always satisfy your bodily needs before trying to sleep, AT ALL. :neutral: )

So all in all, this didn’t impact my confidence level one bit. It was more like an experiment to see I could do it in harsher conditions. Any advise for me would be great, if you have it. I’m going to keep working with this technique till it works. :smile:

Meh, it was only one bad night! You’ll have hundreds in the future.
I heard somewhere that if your mind is too excited, or there was something on your mind from that day, then it’s harder to get to sleep. Your music could have been turned up louder than usual, or you procrastinated on something and guilt yourself over it (this is always hard for me).
Another conclusion-you WERE in a lucid dream-but only for a few seconds. Then your concious mind woke you up. The same if you were in sleep stages 1 and 2, which are very light stages of sleep that can last around 20 minutes.
still a little newbish