my DR breakthrough

ive been practicing lucid dreaming for a while and already had one :content:

ive been practicing my dream recall in the last two weeks and i could remember 3 dreams(non lucid) from last night!

a question tho:
in the last 3 days (until last night) i had a dry spell, i couldnt
even remember one dream
is that normal?

replies are appreciated :cool:

Well I’m not a dream pro ^^ But when I wake up I nearly almost think I don’t know what I dreamt, but when I put my mind to it and begin to think of random things I pick some things up and remember I dreamt about that. It kinda just pops in my head after some seconds/minutes when I wake up. To improve your dream recall I think you should try to think of how your dream developed, try to remember as much as you can from start to end. It’s not enough to remember a fragent and realize you just dreamed. Get the whole picture.

To answer your question… it’s normal I guess. When I wake up and I just take a shower and take breakfast I remember like 40% of the times I dreamed, then it happens spontaniously (so it doesn’t happen spontaneously every time),fragments come to your mind and you remember the whole dream again. But if I put my mind to it there’s a 80% chance I remember most of it. Just concentrate.

Same thing here. I haven’t been practicing dream recall at all recently, but I usually remember one little detail of something which slowly branches out until I can remember nearly the entire dream. Sometimes it won’t come to me until I’ve showered or even the middle of the day. But most of the time, I’ll wake up directly from a dream and still feel worried or anxious about whatever I was dreaming about, which makes it a lot easier to recall.

happens to me too


anyway that dryspell is behind me now
do you guys think its going to be harder to LD during highschool?
because summer vecation is over :cry: