My dream meeting place

I came up with a new place to meet in lucid dreams. It was inspired by the lucid crossroads. I will provide a picture and a description.

The name of this dream meeting place is Lucid Island.

The most notable feature of this place is that half of it is daytime and half of it is nighttime. The island is a Plateau. Its sides are made of reddish rock. The base of the island is a sandy beach, and the top of the island is a grassy field. There are stairs on the day half of the island which lead between the beach and the field.

In the field are two buildings. On the day half of the island is a small square building. The door on this building can be used to leave the island and go to another dreamworld.

On the night half is a tall building. This is the dream antenna. By the door to the dream antenna, there is a chalk board. Write on the chalk board the name of a person who you want to meet, or, if you only know the person on the internet, write their username. Then, when you open the door, it will lead into the dream of that person. You can enter their dream and tell them that they are dreaming, and maybe bring them back to Lucid Island.

There are rails that go by Lucid Island. You can go down to the beach to the rails and see if a train is there. If one isn’t there, try making one come. Say, “A train will arrive right now.” A dream train can lead to many strange experiences. Talk to the people on the train, and when the train stops, get off. You never know where you will end up.

There are many ways to get to Lucid Island. You may want to try using a door to get there, or maybe you could try swimming to it. You can also fly, or take a train there.

Very cool the day and night thing. Can you maybe fit a forest in on the night side? Then we can fly over tree tops!

I love this idea. If I ever have a LD I’ll remember this

Very cool! :cool_laugh: I’ve been wanting to make a place for myself ever since I visited the Crossroads, but never got around to it. Funny thing is I was actually thinking of an island as well. (My paradise!) You actually came up with some really neat ideas there, I’ll have to try it out! :cool:

Cheesy- Whoo! Go white dogs! :thumbs:

Great idea. It Should be easy to find too. Just find the place where night and day meet and follow it to Lucid Island. :fly:

thats really cool place u got there!! ill go see it some time !!! :tongue: and we coult meet… im really a ld *****star guy i dream every night… im mean stay in LD :cool:

The idea is nice. I think day/night and tall building are my favorite part. :biggrin: Keep it up!

Cool picture! I love the description of it. My only suggestion is that you should add a thunderstorm or two every so often. Someone should come visit me in my dreams, lol. They’re very fun. :smile:

This is easy to remember, it reminds me of the Sealife team Night and Day. That dream antenna looks interesting! I will try to get there tonight :cool:

Has anyone succeeded in getting to Lucid Island?

I have been trying to get a lucid dream for three nights to go there, and so far I have only got two unpleasant dreams.

This looks cool, i’ll try to get there as soon as i have my second Lucid Dream

There is a similar project at, called Astral Pulse Island. I don’t know details but heard about some successes.

You got a quite minimalistic picture here. Hope we wouldn’t turn into a group of stick man there. Otherwise sex would be difficult.

The island itself is not a cartoon. I made that picture before I installed bryce 5 on my computer. I think I might make a new picture with bryce.

hey if i go there do you mind if i make a vacation island off to the side for me? if not i can make one somewhere else jw :smile:

This looks cool ian1. When I get my first induced LD the first thing i will do is go there. :good:

True shared dreaming is difficult! But hey, next dream, I’m headed straight for that island!!!