My dream recall is the worst.

I’ve tried alot.
When I go to bed I’m realy set on remembering my dreams but when I wake up, nothing.

I’ve read the big remembering thread and well, it may have been a bit useful but I still can’t remember my dreams. Tomorrow I will try to just lay in bed and concentrating on remembering it, I’ll see if it works.

If you have any tips or so, please share them.

Since you’ve read the BIG remembering your dreams topic, you probably know most of the tips…

Yes concentrate the best you can on remembering your dreams and take some time in the morning after you wake up, to dive back into your mind in search for dream memories. I suggest you stick with this technique for a while, and that you do it every day. Perhaps you only need time before your dream recall improves. But at least don’t give up!

Good luck! :smile:

Moppe i have been lately doing some coffee smell testing again.
And it works quite well. I did it extreem, lol i put coffee powder at the end of my bed at the blankets, lol, where my head lays, but i remembered so much more dreams then normal. If you try to much coffee powder u cant sleep at all it keeps u awake. Of course iam not suggestioning to do what i did…but i think when you put an open bag of grounded coffee powder next to the head end of your bed the smell sure will stimulate your brain while you sleep.
Grounded coffee powder is used by coke dealers to camouflage the coke smell. Another person that also tried what i did and thought that it was bullshit took to much coffee powder and he said he couldnt even fall a sleep and was surprised about its strong effect.
Its weird maybe…but smells are perfectly registrated while you dream by your brain. so put a open bag of grounded coffee next to bed…or in a few bowls lol close to your bed.
The more surface is covered with coffee powder close to bed the stronger it will work.
And close bedroom windows and door!

If that doesnt help mm well then you better hire a butler to wake you when u are in rem sleep! :wink:


Jeff, very interesting about the coffee thing. I might have to try that some time.

evilshiznat i first tried it with a coffee machine and a timer.
But that also makes a noise.
Now i did it extreme by putting it at the blanket i sleep on at my heads end. Works strong because you practically sleep with your nose in it.
But that creates loads of laundry lol. So now iam going to try it with a few bowls or few bags filled with coffee close to my bed heads end, should also work!