My "Dream Status"

Hello all!

I just thought I’d tell you guys something about some things I’ve been trying out concerning (Lucid) Dreaming.

I’ve always loved/been interested in dreams/dreaming. One day I decided to check out some dream sites and then I started to read things about Lucid Dreaming. I was really amazed to discover it’s actually possible to control your dreams!

Then I visited some sites about Lucid Dreaming (including this one) and I became more and more interested. I began to try some things out.

The first thing I’ll have to get right is my dream recall (which is not too good at the moment). The strange thing is, there are times when I can’t remember dreams for an entire week and then suddenly, I can remember every single detail of a dream (although I strangely enough never have the feeling the colors were very clear when I had the dream).

I tried out MILD and WILD a couple of times now. And although I still haven’t had a real lucid dream (which is quite understandable since I haven’t really practiced the techniques too well yet) I came very close a couple of times. One time I could see the HI, but I failed to get into my dream. There was one time when I even realised I was dreaming during the dream. Although this sounds very much like a lucid dream, I didn’t really have the feeling it was because it still wasn’t very clear.

Anyway, I will certainly keep practicing, cause it must be an awesome experience to have a really clear Lucid Dream.

If you guys want to react on this message or if you’ve got any useful tips I’ll be glad to hear them!

How ninja for you that you have embarked on the great quest for LDs!

But my tip for you is to take your time. Dont hurry. For some dudes it can take upp to a month to have an LD. But keep upp the good work

I’ll certainly do that :wink: Thanks for the advice

Of course if any one else likes to react, be my guest :cool:

A and i some other tips:

Do RCs all the time like right now.

Do an RCs every time somthing cool, wierd or unlikley happens.

Every time yo look at a clock. Close your eyes for a short moment and open them again. becaus in a dream clocks can look normal but they wont display the right time so if you close your eyes and then opend them the clock will probably tell a completley diffrent time.(This is how i got my fist LD :content:)

Hey Dennis :wave:

Sounds very promising that you were already near lucidity after practicing this little! But I’d first work solely on your dream recall. If you can remember at least one dream each night, then you’ll have more chance of remembering more accurately whether or not you became lucid that night. Because, if you don’t remember your dream, how do you know (except perhaps a vague feeling that “something has happened”) that you had a LD? :smile: Once you have a decent dream recall, you’re ready to embark on your search for lucidity.
If you need advice on techniques to remember your dreams better, don’t hesitate to ask :smile: But here’s already a good topic about dream recall:

Good luck :happy:

Ok, thanks! I love this forum. First of all, the people here are nice and very understanding (there are too many forums I used to go in which people just couldn’t respect each other and each others opinions) and second, I think it’s very good for your motivation to talk to people who are pursuading the same goal as you. It’s just great fun.

I’m glad to say I’m making some progress.

Yesterday evening, I decided to only concentrate on improving my dream recall for the time being (as adviced by mystic). When I got into bed, I did some relaxing/breath exercises and I said to myself (like 20 times): “I’m going to sleep now and I’m going to dream. When I wake up I’ll remember my dream.” And it actually worked. I tried it before, but I never seemed to make any major improvements. Probably because I wasn’t serious/motivated enough about it. I think last night was the first time I really meant/wanted to do what I said to myself.

I did make one major mistake though: First time I wake up I did remember a dream, but I didn’t write it down (although my dream journal and pen was lying right next to me). So I need to be less lazy next time…

But when I woke up the second time, I waited a while and I remembered a pretty long dream with all kinds of details. (The colors were still a bit faded, but I guess that’s why I am working on my dream recall.)

I also printed a sheet saying: REALITY CHECKS!! I put it right next to my computer (which is where I spend most of my time) so I’ll be reminded to do some reality checks during the day.

I also tried something else out. During the day I always have a watch around my wrist, so for me, looking, looking away, looking back to my watch will be one of my primary reality checks. I thought maybe it was a nice idea to also wear my watch when sleeping, just to see what happens… If it proves to be helpful, I’ll let you guys know.

Anyway, I thought it was fun to tell about my improvements thanks to some advices and things I tried out. If anyone thinks has another useful piece of advice, or if anyone thinks I’m still doing something wrong, just write a reply :smile:

Hey Dennis,

I think you’re doing fine. Keep going a while with your DR technique, telling youself before bed to remember dreams. If the recall drops sometime for a while, dont worry because this is pretty normal and happens to anyone. If you feel comfortable remembering your dreams, pick a technique and stick with it for a long time before you try another (I’d advice at least a month). Dedication and motivation are key factors to lucid dreaming! Good luck.

Thanks again!

One thing I’ll certainly won’t do is give up, so motivation won’t be the problem :wink:

I really hope you’re right :smile: In the beginning motivation is often very good, but on the longer scale, motivation, much like LD rate, is often a lot of ups and downs (at least in my case). Though you’re right… one thing one must never do, is giving up on LDing, even when motivation is low! :smile: