my dreams are like memories!

When I dream, it is not like what you guys seem to dream like. They are like memories (that i never had) and you cant controll memories. And 50% my dreams are in 3rd person.

I don’t think i can LD like the rest of you. I believed I did it two nights ago (for like 4 secs at most) but again it wasnt much different then a normal dream.

If i cant controll what I do in my dreams, it’s like it is on auto-pilot, then how do I do RC 's and looks for DS 's ? How do you do these things when you have no control over what you do?

That’s how Normal Dreams are man. First or Third person depends on the dream, but they are indeed like memories. Everybody has that (except people who always have some sort of lucidity).

You cant control your dream, of course. You do RCs by makign them a habit in real life so “auto-pilot” does them in your dreams. When you wake up, you look for DSes in the memory and then via suggestion or whatever you use that DS to do RCs when you see that DS the next time.

Is it also normal to , sometimes, not even be in a ND ? (You still have a dream about something, but your not in it)

Also thanks for the response. You have given me some motivation to keep trying. I will increase the amount of RC s i do and hope that will help me do it in my dreams.

Yeah i often have dreams like this, i like to think that i am still in the dream, just a disembodied observer, sort of like if you are watching a movie or something.

Exactly Hyprx. I have those all the time.

Not true. I control my normal dreams all the time. It’s definitely possible! :content: The problem is, because I’m not lucid, it doesn’t occur to me to focus on real life concerns (like reality checks, for instance). I control the things that are actually issues to do with the events in the dream itself, because that’s where my awareness lies. (ie, if I see a monster, I deal with it appropriately by fighting, reasoning with it or running away… the last thing on my mind is a reality check!)

But Tweaks advice probably still applies, so don’t discount it. I just disagree with the reasoning behind it.

I never remember my dreams like that, if I don’t see myself in the dream as it’s happening I will have no recall of that dream.

Creating a DJ could help you with this if you aren’t already keeping one, it will help you to remember your dreams and may trigger the ability to see the dream as it occurs, rather than having to rely on the memory when you wake up.

Well for four seconds there wouldn’t be much to notice, too little time. But that four seconds means you can do it, so you should deffinately keep trying.

First off, lucidity isn’t about controlling your dreams, it’s about knowing/realising you are dreaming. Once you recognise that, then you can start to work on the control, but to control them you have to be lucid.

Doing RC’s requires no control of your dreams, it is a trigger for lucidity. You do RC’s during waking life regularly or if something happens that feels dream like. The purpose is that your mind will pick this up and start doing it in your dreams as well. Take the looking at you hand technique as an example. In waking life you know your hand well, but in dreams it can have extra fingers, it’s then upto you to spot this oddity and realise you must be dreaming. Some RCs don’t work for everyone though, in my case my hands always look normal in dreams so no good for me.

So if you do the RCs in daily life, randomly a few times a day they will eventually creep into your dreams as well.

Once you have lucidity, then you can work on gaining more lucidity to the point you can go where you want, do what you want, create things, meet DCs or just generally take control of your dreams.

You may want to look into the WILD methods more as these may help you “see” the dream as you are having it and you may have better success than just using RCs.

Everyone I’ve spoken to (except for Fadem) can not control his dreams at all.

Well now you know 2 more, me and Storm. :tongue:

I would also assume the people asking for tips on flying because their methods don’t work well have some control.

Control can take time to master once you can stablise dreams so you don’t wake up straight away. Full control is harder.

Yeah, Im always in my dreams at the moment its happening, first person, and always following a normal path of live, just like IWL, and if DCs start doing something weird I wonder what the hell they are doing and ask them why they do it etc.
I guess this is like having pre-lucid dreams in every dream