My Dreams are Reeling Me in!

I have been experimenting with Lucid dreaming for the past few months now. It seems that I have gotten to a point that I am able to recognize that I am in a dream naturally without the use of reality checks; however, I have been finding a strange difficulty becoming lucid. While I become aware of my dreaming, the dream seems to have a strange power over me, almost as if it is trying to reel me back into the mindless plot. It generally does this by incapacitating me, forcing me motionless and unable to use the “spin technique”. I have tried changing the scene, but I find that this awakens me. Any ideas?

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Next time you do it belive it won’t happen and tell me does that make a difference.
I have never heard of this before. Is it a bit like when you wake up in the night and are so tired that you can’t physically keep yourself awake.

Instead of letting dreams taking control over you, you can do the opposite and take control over your dreams.
Just think of a technique you use IRL to regain control of a situation, like breathing deeply, or switching gears, or whatever, and use it in the dream, with the intention of putting it under your control.
Let us know how it goes :content:

thanks everyone

A thing that you can do start moving is this-
Actually first ill explain something-you cant move in a dream sometimes because you are in SP and you’re trying to move your real muscles and you cant. What you need to do is imagine yourself moving. This works much better, and after a while you can start moving normally again. Good luck on your next lucidity attempt!

Let me tell you from experience the last thing you want to do is to start blaming your unconscious mind. I used to have that trouble too and it does nothing but hold you back. You’ve got to understand, your SC is a part of you and will go along with whatever instructions you project to it. The real barrier is the conscious mind. If you start to worry about losing control, you will lose control. Just go with it and do what you want. Your mind will follow.