my enthusiasm is killing my LDs

I haven’t found any other posts about this, so I’ll ask here. Every time I get lucid in a dream, I get way too enthusiastic about all the things I want to try and I’m wondering what I can do about it, because it really ruins my dream…

I have a huuuge list of things I want to do when lucid, like climb a mountain, fly, explore atlantis, etc.
and everytime I get lucid I start to think about all those things, and for some reason it feels like I want to do all of them at once (I’m thinking "YAY, I’m LUCID, at last, there’s so many things to do!!), and the result is that I’ll fly for one second then run up a mountain the next without really experiencing any of those things completely and in detail, the way I want to. It eventually makes me lose lucidity as well…
Does any of you have the same problem, and does anyone know how to calm down and focus on one thing? I wish I could just relax and enjoy my lucid dreams because now it feels like I’m just rushing through them :smile:

Decide what you want to do beforehand. When you go to bed. Decide on one thing you want to do if you become lucid that night. Or if you will, decide what you want ot do if you find yourself in certain situations. For instance, if you are on a mountain, you’d like to climb it, and such things. Be opportunistic, not idealistic. Think OCD rather than ADD.

Agreed with the above, also resolve to stay calm. Do RCs and demand 100% lucidity to reinforce the LD and to give yoursef time to calm down. If you’re worried about time, demand that the dream last weeks/months/millenia etc. Don’t know how well that works, but no harm in trying.

I can never think clearly in LDs. At least so far, so this stops me getting to excited.

But one thing I was thinking about after I awoke from a LD a wile back is that I was concentrating on the powers to much. At least while you are perfecting your abbillity to LD just go with the flow, walk around, talk to a few DCs. The random stuff can be pretty intense and interesting, since its coming from your own head.

Who knows you might just happen across that mountain :smile: