My Epic Quest - Designed by YOU!

:content: Thats whats up. I still need to work on materializing and using other prefered abilities on the spot like flight. Lol last night I could only fly by literally swimming through the air using tk and wind element instead of shooting off like a bullet like I used to.

I’m glad you took my idea into account! :content: Can’t wait for that to come into action. And i got a little confused in the dialouge. But its awesome what the mind can accomplish. But what I THINK i read you have a title given to you from the DCs? That is waht I hope to accomplish. I want the same name as my username. The Overseer. My first dreamscape being my base of operations, being called the “Observatory” to go along with my title.

It’s all in your mind Koharo :smile:

I had the same flight struggle loong loong ago. Now I have trouble with flight speed, sometimes too slow and sometimes too fast. I also have issues with ‘passengers’ often, feel heavy all of a sudden if it’s not just me.

Practice practice, the more times you do it successfully the easier it will be for your mind to accept it.

Oh man, that’s cool. I love that idea. Consistent dreamscapes are in my opinion the coolest thing one can do in an LD. It becomes even more apparent once it’s going because of how they can evolve and how DCs evolve. I believe it’s because if your mind doesn’t have to work so much on your surroundings because you know them well it can create so much more in other areas.

Yes DCs used to call me the Nightmare King, then Ureon the Lord of Dreams :smile:

One of the coolest LDs I had was some time after being really active in my dreamscape, coming back and fighting in this war. I told the DCs that I was Ureon and they laughed, they didn’t believe me. They think there have been three (possibly four) kings. I only consider the dreams that fit this mold as ‘canon’ for my dreamscape. Obviously plenty of weird stuff takes place but I don’t count every dream.

Ehm yes the dialogue was confusing, it usually is though. I do edit it sometimes but I try and stay honest with this stuff. Dialogue in dreams don’t follow normal logic mostly. I analyze it after to kind of get what happened, and I just forget those lines that make no sense at all or when I lose focus. Check my DJ for some good examples, it’s not very long though, I get too lazy to post.

I think its sooo cool that he said you had met him before! It’s almost creepy in a way because his personality in your dream is similar to his in my story. thank you so much that was very inspiring. ^^ I sure hope i can master the art of lucid dreaming, ive only had a few good LD s but this dream of yours motivated me to keep on trying.

Again, thank you! :hurray:

I think it would be really cool if you found the golden staircase and went to heaven and saw what it was like

Ok I’ve made some great progress guys. This project is definitely helping me get back to business. I spent an hour before going to sleep last night preparing to get lucid. In the end it did wonders for my control but recall was still fuzzy.

Anyway here’s my retelling:

I managed to stay conscious into my first REM. As sleep paralysis hit I imagined the bed leaning and my dream body falling off. I hit the gel like water of my dream entry room and immediately dropped down to the floor below. I began opening doors immediately to induce a scenery change.

I wandered around a cave for a little bit, trying to stay fully lucid but my recall quickly goes away here. I remember working on some designs and associations (which I had decided to do while preparing)

My next chunk of recall is probably tied to my second REM. I was lucid and walking down a street of a desert city. We’re talking stereotypical middle eastern market. I grabbed a man with a turban and asked him what time it is.

“Half past noon,” he answered

I thought I had filled one item on my list but would later on remember that I was supposed to ask what year it was.

I tried going through my list while looking around. Magic books - ?but what am I supposed to do with them? - freeze a sun - . I pushed my hand against one of the claylike buildings, I felt quite deep asleep.

Someone was waiting at the edge of the city for me. A group of faceless enemies. Topless samurai is the only description I can think of. I don’t always ‘fight’ things in my dreams but to be honest I’m definitely one of those adventurous power trip kind of LDers.

I had prepared mentally for that moment and I felt myself getting excited. I raised one arm up above my head and imagined a huge ball of energy forming. I threw it almost like a baseball. Although the light from the projectile was softer than what I wanted I still saw it knock half my opponents away.

I cut several more down at high speed with a katana. I felt a great amount of control but had to be careful not to slip into partial lucidity.

I hadn’t killed all my enemies but I jumped over a small hill, feeling like I was getting close to waking up. I looked up at the sun, it wasn’t very strong, I wasn’t even sure it was there. I woke up.

Although I fell back asleep, this was at 4 am or something I don’t have any more recall. I’m getting more lucidity back but I’m not doing a great job with your quests :smile:, I’ll make sure to reread them several times before bed tonight and again if I don’t LD. Thanks for your patience.

P.S. I’m skipping those partial LDs/Dreams where I don’t even try with the challenge.

I’ve been to heaven/valhalla/olympus/theunderworld/heaven . I can’t remember right now if I’ve been to the Christian Hell though actually. I probably have.

To try and give you some descriptions though. I’ve been to ‘heaven’ several times. Once it was just pure whiteness, similar to what I get when I try and approach my subconscious actually. Once it was almost like a dream full of LDers. People, happy, doing whatever they wanted, no violence though and everything still very white (what can I say thats how people see heaven isn’t it).

Another time it was more fantasy like and more pagan, with armored angels and god in a human looking vessel. This was my favorite dream, as the mythology assumed all gods existed. So my mission was to defeat an evil god, and the judeochirstian god gave me a spear (aptly named the God Spear). Next to hercules and some other legends I fought this nightmare god and won. The God Spear is kept in a Golden City at the center of my dreamscapes.

I’ve since been ‘killed’ with the spear myself :smile:

Your last post was a good one and gave me an idea. Can you fight a powerful demon, win, a collect a war trophy to keep on display in your kingdom beside the god spear? It would be interesting to see what you end up collecting. Heck, what if you built a trophy hall to place souveneirs from your adventures in? That would be fun :smile:
Oh, and then whenever you see anything in real like from your collection (like an actual trophy or jewelry) it could act as a reminder and pseudo-RC :happy:

First of, let me thank you guys for the inspiration your challenges have given me. I was right in thinking doing something like this would help getting me back into LDs faster. Last night was the first time in a while I had a greatly recalled, fully lucid experience and it was amazing. So thank you again and let’s hope that this project stays fun for everyone as we move forward.
So here it is
[The following dream is written down partly from morning notes and partly from recall. I’ve weaved in some information from the preparation before dreaming and elaborated some on some parts to clarify what I’m doing. Non lucid parts have been edited out and were mentally retconned by me in dream when they applied to the lucid story]
–Redemption and Rebirth—

I was excited when I felt my dream self drop through to my dream chamber. I felt deep asleep yet fully aware of the day prior and my state of mind. I looked ahead and the elevator door I was expecting was right there like I planned.
I stepped in and heard the doors close behind me. I first said several sentences to help me ‘strengthen’ my lucidity. I wore a new outfit I designed two days before during my lunch break at work. I had considered a new type of symbiotic body armor just like I used to wear but in the end decided that it would restrict me as a default more than empower me. So I wore a pie coat like jacket instead, imagining that whatever I had underneath could change or not exist at all should I so choose. I imagined myself as a powerful being of pure energy, wearing clothes only to stabilize this form. The collar came up to lower nose level, ‘shielding’ much of my face. Sleeves were left loose to allow easier changing of gloves/gauntlets.
I didn’t worry much about boots/pant legs in the design since they rarely come into field of view in 1st person. In general I feel solid boots that easily morph are the way to go. In general I looked mysterious enough and different enough to be unrecognizable to old friends/foes.

“Bridge,” I said and the elevator began moving.
The door in fron of me opened and the bridge of my new and still unnamed ‘dream ship’ extended before me. I sighed to myself then, it was a little too much like a video game I’d been playing recently depite my efforts to draw it out. Still, it was only a little too narrow and I didn’t feel like trying to alter it too much. I was so pleased at my results I didn’t want to jinx them, even if certain things were out of place.
Through the front cockpit I could see dreamspace twisting and turning, just like I had planned. I walked over to the preview sphere where I began focusing on the dreamscape I wanted. I brought up images of my most important dreamscape, more specifically The Owl Kindom subset within that dreamscape.
I crossed my arms over my chest and said “Launch”
My ship shot me out through the veil and into the open air of the Owl Kingdom with much pomp. I specifically planned it to be dramatic, very loud and very bright. If you don’t go extreme you run the risk of not switching scenery properly and it can throw your dream off.
I soared through the air, fully lucid, and feeling like I had plenty of time on my hands. On top of it all I saw Darrin the dragon flying along in the clouds.
I flew up next to him and waved. He smiled and let out some smoke from his nostrils.
“Hello there little nightmare king, I didn’t know you could fly.”
“What sort of nightmare king would I be if I couldn’t?”
Darrin laughed.
“I need to know friend; what is your real name?”
“It’s not for me to say, to simply give away,” he answered.
“Don’t be difficult Darrin, it’s for a friend of yours.”
“Yaelboos,” He said [written as I understood the pronounciation]
“Not bad,” I said as we flew lower.
“There are the machines,” Darrin exclaimed excitedly.
And bellow us I saw two owl riders on their golden air rocket thingies. They looked somewhat like rideable turbine engines, I don’t know what they call them.
“Carefully friend, they can be very hostile and I don’t want to fight them,” I said, reflexively flying over to hide over Darrin’s larget frame. I lowered my altitude until I could sit on his back. He turned to look at me and gave an amused snort.
“Getting tired friend?”
I shook my head nervously, mentally making efforts to stay lucid, stabilizing my environment.
“I like this pace, this is good,” I said absentmindedly.
“This pace is always good, yep yep,” Darrin answered as he slowed his speed to let the owl riders escape us.

After landing and walking around a while we made it to a large lake. On the other side were tents, a gathering of an army.
“So much conflict in your dreams, little nightmare king,” Darrin said.
I sighed, “It sounds strange when you call me that,”
He chuckled, “They’re bad people those, black armor.”
“Ah I’ll bet you some of them have nice silvery armor too, but yes, bad people,” I answered, pulling out my trusted golden gun. I snapped it open to reveal the bullet socket.
“You see Darrin, this is going really well and I’m enjoying your company. I hope you don’t think less of me, I know your creator would probably not be happy with this,” I said pulling out a bullet from my right sleeve. It’s shell had a sickly green glow.
“What are you talking about friend?”
“Green skinned witch, your time has come. Undead armies and death,” I put the bullet in the gun and snapped the barrel back. I filled my senses with the purpose of the shot and fired across the lake.
Nothing happened at first and so I took a deep breath. It was normal. Suddenly the soldiers across the lake started acting erratically. They began attacking eachother randomly and as they killed they rose again. Darrin watched with widened eyes.
“She may be there,” I answered simply.
I took a deep breath, the dream was amazing, and I felt like I still had plenty of time before it would fade. I had only one bullet left that I could remember, the bullet meant to freeze a sun. I had decided that it would be the last time I used my gun in a long time.
“You’re so troubled friend,”
“Not really Darrin, not really,”

We left, explored some old ruins with a grand library. I winked away from lucidity slightly at some points but overall I’d say I was a good 15 to 20 minutes in when we explored the broken library. At one point Darrin shrunk down to join me in the smaller chambers but regained his size immediately when we left.
When we got outside we found a little girl with brown hair crying on a patch of grass. I was a bit startled because she looked so much like a DC from another one of my favorite dreams.
“What’s your name?” I asked softly after approaching her.
She stopped sniffling and looked up at me. “Sapling,” she said.
I laughed almost uncontrolably “Of course it is,” I said remembering the dream she reminded me of.
“Darrin, you need to take care of sappling for me,”
Darrin simply looked at me confused.
“I’ve also done what I had to do, I asked your name, so now I’d like to see something else. You see I had a dragon friend once, he was small and purple but had nice big horns, almost too big for him. I forgot his name and I can’t bring myself to look unless I remember his name.”
“You make little sense friend,” he answered.
“I like you Yaelboos but you’re not my dragon. I want you to find my friend for me ok?”
“I’m scared,” Sapling said
“It’s ok, Darrin will take care of you.” I felt the dream coming near its end. “I have to go I’m sorry.”
I flew up from the ground at great speed. I conciously imagined leaving the dreamscape and enter a separate world where I flew out into space. I needed to find a sun.
I was a little shocked by the image I got. It was a large red giant and in its orbit was a second smaller sun. It looked spectacular and I gave my subconcious a mental pat on the back.
I took my gun out and the last bullet with it. I looked at the glowing shell and pictured the frozen world I created it from. “Infinite ice and frozen death,” I said and loaded it into my weapon.
The shot exploded into space. It was trailed by expanding circles of cold and I could follow its entire trajectory toward the sun. Almost a minute passed as I imagined the shot travelling through the great distance between me and the main star.
Finally I saw darkness spreading across the surface. Interestingly the darkness was almost reflective as the second sun’s rays bounced off the dead surface.
It spread, spread, and my recall went with its light.

Wow, great idea, I’ll design a room like this on my new dream vessel.

Only partial lucidity or short LDs since the last epicness. I don’t know what’s going on honestly. It’s rarely this hard for me to get back in the groove, too much irl stuff I guess

This is too neat. Thanks for finding out Darrin’s real name. I hope you can find your old dragon friend soon :wink:

Since you seem to want hard challenges, try this:

In your LD, get yourself a blank book, then take something, anything, and put it into the book. What does it become? Text? Stories? Or is it just a piece of dirt inside of a book? After that, try it with people, maybe entire places, if you can.

Good luck,

fly on anything, like a broom or a hoverboard. Just fly around and enjoy the scenery

Omnisomnia can you try this? Spawn a black hole and then go through it and see what happens. :razz:

Put yourself into a vibrant, beautiful dreamscape, then suck the environment all into a little ball in your hand. Throw the ball at the ground so that it explodes and randomizes all over the place, creating an entirely new dreamscape. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.