My Epic Quest - Designed by YOU!

Hi guys,

Back in the day I made a thread like this and it ended up very entertaining.

Basically you post challenges and quests here for me to undertake when LDing. I then post the Dreams in my DG and link them here with a description of the challenges completed.

Some of my favorite ones included:

Find two ravens and ask their names
Try and experience reality in 4D
Find someone’s DG and have a conversation

Now you can request basically anything and I’ll try and achieve as much as possible as soon as I can. Please don’t hesitate to make it difficult. I can travel through space and conquer an alien race, build a government and an intergalactic fleet while terraforming the planet. OR open a portal to a fantastical realm of magic where I collect treasures, hide them, travel through time and see if my dungeon traps were conquered in the interim.

The sky is the limit folks! Dazzle me.

Old Thread

That is the old thread that I found. Really cool stuff. I guess it was more about just trying cool LD things. I tried to get other experienced LDers involved but that didn’t work out :meh:

So yeah anything you want me to try or for anyone to try is valid too.

Ok so are you able to create a beautiful landscape like sun rises and just sit down and watch it, after that open a magic book which can combined some natural elements so you can make some good arts and then take a photo of your creations with the landscape ?
pretty hard uh.


check this out :smile:

So you want me to paint a landscape then photograph the landscape and the painting together? Ok, that is hard for the mind to render indeed. Noted

OOoohh, can you meet a character in a book im writing? He’s a yellow dragon.
He’s not a mean dragon he’s very nice, interesting and smart. He has a name that no one knows but all the humans just call him Darrin. Please ask him his name, i really need to know… I need to change his name but i cant think of anything. I would do it myself but im still learing how to LD more often :sad:

Will do skyglide

The friendly yellow dragon Darrin’s true name - good one.

any more infor? size? what kind of kingdom does he live in.

Do you still have some stuffed animals from your childhood? Try to talk to them in a LD! It’s actually one of my LD quests haha.

Good topic by the way!

Umm well I’ve always wanted to go to a big city and use the portal gun there hehe… but I just wanted to say this is an interesting idea.

Try putting metal or styrofoam in a microwave and see what really happens. In the dream, that is.

The portal gun is a grand idea, I haven’t actually tried that. I should play the game some in preparation, that always helps with stuff like that. Believe it or not one of my most stable LD ‘abilities’ is to shoot web from my wrist! It’s so odd, I use it for everything and it was originally developed after playing a Spider Man game. It’s more of a metal wire thing for me shooting out of this gauntlet I designed but anyway, great Idea.

Meeting the dragon is def what I want to do first, that challenge really inspired me, I might save the microwave thing for later, lol. The stuffed animal thing is cool too.


yaaaaayyy :dragon:

He’s a young adult and has the greenest eyes! He lives in a cave with a huge pool that is so perfectly still you can see your reflection perfectly…

Shoot the sun with a freeze ray, but first make a suit that lets you survive any tempature, and see waht happens.

Good one overseer. I’ve made suns explode and form before but I guess I never used a freeze ray lol.

Anyway, real bad recall last night guys, sorry about that. Better luck tonight let’s hope.

No problem. Can’t controll when lucid dreams happen. (Unless you use WILD, which i could never seem to do, maybe its because i’m sort of a scardey cat when it comes to SP and OBEs and what not.) AND I HAVE ANOTHER IDEA. Create an evil version of yourself, all the dream powers you can do and everything. Battle it out til the death. It can have darker hair, and paler skin, and a little darker clothes. So…pretty much peter parker in spiderman 3 :happy::eek:

Overseer I have some old dreams that I can type out in regards to evil versions of myself. I think you may find them interesting.

—Mask of Mirrors—

I was sitting on a log near some woods.
I had been feeling the grain of the wood, marvelling at the sense of deep deep sleep and LD clarity.
I was trying to play a small wooden flute to see what kind of music I could come up with. It wasn’t going too well.
Individual notes were great but nothign seemed to flow together like I wanted to.

At the time I was wearing a specific getup I designed, I can’t quite remember what it was like. I also forgot the name of
my small purple pet drake, which is quite sad, I really should write these down more. He was sitting on my shoulder and lsitening.
There was also a little squirrel sitting by my boot listening and I eventually turned to ask him.

“Can you tell me where we are?”

“We are near the tower,” He answered.

My drake jumped off my shoulder and started chasing the squirrel around, having a hard time since he was quite chubby.
I looked up and there was indeed a tower there suddenly. Tall and dark, not surprising.

I moved to the tower (not quite teleportation, just real fast speed) and entered through the door at the bottom.
The insides were plain, clean and grey I remember. I walked up several flights of stairs and reached the top room.
There was a pedestal in the center and on it a mask. It was dark grey on one side and light gray on the other with star shapes of the opposing sides color for eyes.

Now I can’t remember if I was told before or at that moment but it was the Mask of Mirrors, and wearing it would
turn all a persons traits inside out.

I thought it would be hilarious at the time so I picked it right off the pillar and put it on. Now, changing your mind within you own
mind/dream is always an experience. I felt my personality change immediately. Interestingly this did not turn me ‘evil’ really, it was
far deeper than that.

I went from spontaneous to a long term planning mindset, from good and generous at my core to selfish and covetous. I went from arrogant and erratic outwardly to cool and concise.
Now it’s also interesting to note that this is my dream personality and not my real personality that was affected which made sense.
Somehow there was enough of me there to freak out at the fact that my very thought process was being altered so I tore the mask off and crushed it against the ground.

Some nights later there was a new district in the capital of my main dream world, called the court of masks/visors (changed a few times) led by a man very much like the opposite me. Freaky.

Now this relates to the present in the sense that my golden city is no longer mine but ruled by this DC. I haven’t been able to truly enter this dreamscape lately (only shades ofit) and so I thought
of this when you asked and how it’s my current motivator for LDing again. It’s the most intricate story that my mind has formed. In many ways this DC is my rival now, where it used to be a DC I called Blue that
I believe represented my ID. I’m info dumping now so let’s move on.

–The Shadow–

This was before the court of masks was a mainstay in my dreams and began in many ways outside of any specific dreamscape.
I had been reading a lot about Carl Jung and his archetype theories. Now I won’t get into detail but he believed that the Shadow archetype was all those things that
one represses but remain part of human nature. Basically for a civil person it’s your ‘evil’ but nor only. If you’re shy, the shadow contains confidence - if you’re a sex maniac your shadow actually would contain chasity.

So I began experimenting, again with mirrors as the tool for some reason. I walked up to a grand mirror in a hall that appeared as I entered my first dream. I conjured up the image of my shadow. A thinner version of me with darker red hair and paler skin, and a condencending smile.
I considered throwing my apetite at my shadow but I changed my mind (not fat, but def a food lover, and bigger than my shadow obviously). I instead tried to shed my negative qualities.

Over time more mirrors would be added to this hall, containing the child and the anima (feminine archetype). I would grab and put qualities from myself that I wanted or didn’t want.
This seemed great at the time, and believe it or not it changed me for the better in real life. Some stuff I would later be happy to have back, like a love for geeky things.

Now you’re probably thinking this shadow escaped and I had to fight him. Not quite. You see at one point I was going through a depression that was quite severe. I entered this hall, now located in the center of my palace. I asked for my shadow’s help.
It worked, call it placebo this and imagination this if you want but it worked. I gave him my dreams in return for his traits and my dream personality changed drastically.

There are many more parts to this story but I’m at work and I don’t want to type things out without trying to remember as specifically as I can.
I can tell you that the three mirrors are now broken and I no longer keep my shadow seperate from me in my dreams (still in real life obviously).

All I have to say about that dream is Wow.

Wow this is great. You must be really good at this after all. :razz: Could you go a random dream character and ask them “what year is it?”. It’s not hard but I haven’t done it yet because I keep forgetting to and it’s getting really annoying. :meh:

It’s alright, i can get horrible dream recalls sometimes as well.
Tell me how it goes tonight :colgate:

Finally had a proper LD since starting this. Will writeup later today. Met a Dragon and played around with freezing - no sun yet though - , stay tuned

So I’m standing in the middle of nowhere and it’s frozen snow as far as they eye can see.

I’m becoming lucid at this point, which is probably why my recall begins to clear here. I’m not cold, I smile, I must be dreaming. I try to do some maths in my head, stay aware. I manage to add up some easy numbers and I think ‘good that means I can bring the…’ no no no, I shake my head. Trying to focus and remember what I decided to do in my dream, I run my fingers through the snow, it feels cool and pleasant.

I try and pull out my gun from behind my back. At first it’s not the right one, so I sigh and try again. My great gold gun finally materializes. I summon an empty bullet and look through it at the dreamscape.

“This shell shall contain the power of a frozen universe. Spirits of ice and death.” I say as everything around me begins breaking. I look at the bullet, it’s glasslike body swirling with icy energy. ‘The next time I pull you out’ I think, loading the bullet into my gun ‘you will freeze a sun’. I visualize it several times and almost lose control of the dream but soon I’m far away and standing in green nature.

I rub my hands together, trying to feel out my mind to get an idea of how long I have. I feel like I’m sleeping deeply, I’m guessing I’m in my second REM. I try not to get too excited, it’s a very clear and strong LD. I’m happy.

I turn around expecting a cave but thee is none. There is an open plain with a burning pyre and a large gold dragon curled up around it. I wanted a dragon in a cave but I got it half right. I couldn’t remember then as I dreamed about the pool but I did try to get the cave.

I approach carefully, noting that I’m wearing only some regular clothes. I feel the grass on my bare feet and smile again. LDs are so nice. I try not to get too annoyed at how much I’ve lost not trying hard to LD for so long.

“Darryl?” I call quite softly, cursing internally about forgetting the exact name of the dragon. “Darrin?”

—switching to past tense, my notes I took this morning end here—

The big dragon lifted his head up. his scales were golden, not yellow like skyglide had said, but he responded to the name. I’d say size wize his body was around 7 feet without neck extended and the length then proportional to that.

“Hello little nightmare king” he said with a soft yet powerful voice. His head looked strong and scaled yet gentle.

I froze then for a second.
“What do you mean?” I asked, still rubbing my hands together occasionally.

The dragon chuckled. “Ah, you told me this might happen.”

I smiled, enjoying the implication. “So we’ve talked already, and I just forgot?”

“We’ve talked twice before and this is the first time you forgot.”

“Did I say I was a nightmare king?”

Darrin rolled on to his back and made a smoke ring. I saw some DCs walking about in the distance.
“No no, you said they called you that once. I found it funny.”

“They did call me that once, long long ago. I’m sorry I don’t want to bore you telling you things twice.”

“You told me you liked me, because I didn’t act odd after a long conversation, like so many other ‘dream characters’. I’m special.”

“I’m sorry I forgot. I’m excited, because I hope that actually happened.” I said and noticed the dreamscape had changed to the inside of a cave while I watched the fire.

“It did happen, I’m sad you forgot. I like it here, you said it was the Owl Kingdom.”

“It could be, did you see any men on flying machines?”

“I did!” Darrin said and sat up. “Their machines are gold, you never told me that.”

“And I thought you were supposed to be yellow.” I said, leaning back against the rock wall. “I just remembered I used to have a little purple dragon friend but I forgot his name.”

“I am yellow.”

I don’t remember the rest, I talked to the dragon some more then flew out the cave, the dream fades into non lucidity.

EDIT: I forgot to ask his real name! Still I thought pretty cool dream.