My experience and my plans.

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Hi everyone!
I’m a new user 32yo. I’m totally new of this forum (how cool is it??? a forum all for lucid dreams! amazing!), but not of the world of lucid dreams. I made this experience 4 years ago and had 4 lucid dreams, then I stopped because I didn’t find a use for that. But now I have it (I will talk about that below).
I always, since I was a child, had a very good recalling of my dreams. I’ve been able to dream about what I wanted sometimes, even been able to continue the dream of the day before. This, without having a knowledge of the techniques at all, with the innocence of a child. My dreams can be really complicated and detailed.
Once it happened to me that I needed to book an hotel in Rome and I was not at all able to find one (they were all complete!). I tried with something as 10 hotels! Then that night I had a dream where my cousin told me: “the answer is Kennedy. If you look for it you will find it!”. And he painted also three stars So the day after I thought: and if my cousin in my dream is right? So I googled that name: that hotel actually existed and it was 3 stars! And not enough surprising, I called and they had the room for me!!! I told this story to my friends and someone told me about the lucid dreams. That’s how I went in knowledge of this fantastic subject!

I started to do reality checks, no dream journal. Just checking the body of a text and the landscape. My dreams started to be even more complicated. I had a sleep paralysis once, I had the experience of reality check with false positive in the dream. A couple of times I gained lucidity but I was too excited and I woke up. And I did 4 lucid dreams:
This is what happened after having gained lucidity:

  1. I continued the dream and I experienced superpowers. I was able to do everything I wanted to, including flying and making fireballs.
  2. In the dream I was with my girlfriend and my parents, but I lost my girlfriend. Then I gained lucidity. I thought: “since that is a dream, if I go by foot alone I will never found my parents again and probably never reach my girlfriend.” In order to complete the mission, I used the teletransport instead. I created a map where my girlfriend and my parents were marked, and I went before to find my girlfriend, and then back with my girlfriend to my parents.
  3. I wanted to talk with a girl for whom I had a crush. I discarded the current dream completely and I make her appear. Unfortunately, she appeared twice and she was talking to me twice talking about different topics so I wasn’t unable to understand what she was saying. The only thing I understood was “Don’t bother…”
  4. I tried again with the same girl and this time instead of the girl appeared two male characters that I don’t know in real life and started to me jokes and talking about completely unrelated topics. So I asked them “why are you here?” and their answer was “well, you called us!”. I obviously answered “not at all! I wanted to see her and talk with her!”. Then their answer: “well man, you have to understand that you two guys want different things… it’s not gonna work man. she is probably seeing someone else.” And they were totally right!!!

The amazing thing is, I stopped to train myself for lucid dreams after the second one.

Yesterday I was unable to sleep so I read casually this topic and I read something about the WILD that seems to be a very cool technique! I therefore started to breath deeply and count my breaths in this way: “1, I’m dreaming. 2, I’m dreaming. 3, I’m dreaming” I arrived at 37 then I had to change position because I was not totally comfortable. I then restarted but I remember me counting until 3 and then fall asleep. This morning I woke up before the alarm clock. I changed position. I didn’t think to the WILD at all, but I fell my muscles paralyze, saw 3 flashes, a very strong noise like a truck honking in a day with a very strong wind, I fell also a shock and then I fall asleep again.

And what I do want to test: use of the subconscious to solve work related problem, relational issues with other people and also boosting learning of foreign languages.
It’s a moment of high stress and I think that lucid dreams can help me. Does all of that make sense?

sorry for having posted in the wrong section!
If possible for you experienced guys, I would really appreciated some feedback. I never found anyone else that had lucid dreams in their life and the people I talked about it didn’t seem to believe me. But I had them! And I can recognize in something I read around about it. I imagine that happens also to you… no?

hi there and welcome rocchio.

some people just don’t appreciate or even care about what goes on in sleep. if it wasn’t for all our true scientists out there, we wouldn’t have hardly any of the stuff we have today. or even the truth that we can lucidly dream.
never mind about those disbelievers, you know yourself it can be done, even to the point of precognition.
i think everyone can LD, just that some people just tune into it more than others and cultivate it, and enjoy their own mind and like playing with it. i do too.
you seem to be able to summon others at will, something i cannot do, but i have not been practicing for long, so maybe you could give me some tips, hehe

other than that, all the best

Thank you very much. I’m not all that skilled unfortunately.
In my first two lucid dreams I did what I wanted just because I thought it was possible. I had the expected results, but I continued to act in the dream scene.
In the other two I discarded completely the previous dream and in both cases there was a purple background (but that I suspect it’s strongly related to the girl, because purple is her favourite colour). In those two dreams I didn’t know what I was going to get and the result was indeed unexpected, but quite accurate:-

  • In the first I saw twice her. Probably, one was my conscious image of her and te other was the unconscious one, and that was indeed more real. The fact I was unable to understand the two voices (apart for a very clear message, that was the only one I didn’t want to hear) represent perfectly the conflict that I had inside.
  • In the second one the situation in real life was already compromised and accurately instead of appearing her appeared someone else that adviced me to leave her alone.

I retried two days ago the wild, but I fell asleep too early. I retried yesterday night, I started to see like a vortex of soft warm colours like that it was sucking me inside and I felt like I was slipping inside the bed, but I became really excited and I came back to the completely wake state. The feeling was great anyway and remind me, even if much less powerful, the feeling I have in the transitions between normal and lucid dreaming.

I wish I didn’t stop to do it some years ago, now I would be an advanced lucid dreamer probably. Well, I will log here my results!

after having read about the mirrors and the interactions with them, thing that was worrying me a little before, I dreamt this night about observing a mirror.
I looked at the mirror many times, with all the possible different results:

  • normal reflection
  • demoniac eyes
  • different look
  • a reflection of something that was not there

since I read that it’s normal and there is nothing to be scared about, I didn’t go scared. I thought, yeah, it’s normal.

But I didn’t go lucid! dammit!
For some reason, in all of my dreams, the mirrors never helped me to go lucid, and I don’t know why.

Hello Rocchio,

Have you tried doing reality checks IWL in front of mirrors? It might help train your brain to do this while Dreaming. :mirror: .

Good Luck :content:

Hi ShyPrettyOdd,
I actually tried! But no success until now.
Well, it will come.
I should really keep a dream journal but I’m so lazyyy.

that sounds like a good idea, travelling through a mirror. you do it already!

there is so much to try whilst LDing its so much fun!!

and they won’t be ghoolies from another dimension, you will even meet your amazing creative abilities!

In these days I dreamed about all types of absurd stuff, like

  • having a fight with a man and in the end was a woman, being arrested because of this
  • 4 people, 3 guys and a girl, decided that they wanted to conquer the city evoking flying wolves. The in the end were just flying around the city and they look like pacific creatures.
  • being a CIA agent checking an apparently normal person that has a cave inside his house.

Still, no lucidity :smile: But the quality and quantity of the dreams increased.
Apparently, reading Arabian Nights before to go the bed makes me dream very well.