My experience

So i had 2 lucid dreams from reading a post yesterday.I forgot the name but it said that instead of saying i want,i should use i am.So,throughout the day,i said i am dreaming,That following night which was yesterday,i had 2 LD’S.I met my CALD and a random DC to be a CALD as well,he was gokuanime stuff,..I could use my powers in the dream but sometimes,i asked my CALD (s) to help me give me powers,so they did.Nearing the end of the dream,i told them to make me lucid next time i dream,and they agreed.

My next LD was short in the same day.I woke up but did not want to bring my CALD (S),so i decided to go downstairs and get lightning from a light but it never worked,strange i thought,my powers always come.Then i realized that my sc must have been not yet convinced that it was an LD,so that is why my powers did not work.I woke up then and wanted to post this.

This was my experience