My experiences and a few questions

Ok so let me Start off by saying that I have been lucid in exactly 2 Dreams but only for a 1 sec which consisted of me thinking “wait… I’m dreaming”

Now let me tell you one of my Dreams where I became lucid:

My Dream

I was in my House and I passed by my Dad Watching TV in the living room. I then went to my room, I Tried to turn on the light but it didn’t turn on. So Subconsciously, since I didn’t know I was dreaming I thought, “hmm the Power must have went out.” So I turned around and went to the Living Room to tell My Dad but on the way there. I was like wait… Why would the power be out if my Dad was just watching TV. I then realized it was dream. But a Split second after, I was awake in Sleep paralysis.

What Happen After the Dream Ended

When I woke up I sorta of panicked so I tried to sit up. But was in Sleep paralysis. I felt myself move but This Rubber banding force keep pulling me back. (I think it is my Astral Body, Not sure though). Then my conscious mind remembered that it was Sleep Paralysis. I tried to keep calm. I layed there for about 7-12 Seconds in Sleep paralysis. Then after about 10 seconds. I really felt the paralysis, I felt really heavy, not like a weight on my chest but like my blanket was made of lead. Also everything turned really Black. Darker then when i was in the other Sleep Paralysis state. It was a new feeling Since I thought the other state was sleep paralysis. But I tried to keep calm. I thought that maybe that was my dream. and I was just thinking of Black. Which was why I only saw Black. But nothing Happened after a few Seconds of thinking of other thinks. So I Panicked and I consciously woke myself back up.

Kind of upset that I didn’t continue to see where the Blackness led. But I’m going to try FILD Tonight.

Anyone can Explain to me what those two different states of Sleep Paralysis were?
Also I have a few questions about FILD if anyone is familiar with it and has done it successfully before.

Trance has many phases. By “trance” I mean the situation of your body being asleep and your mind awake.

Sleep paralysis happens at a certain deep level of trance. It’s the most defined, noticeable, and dramatic state of trance, but it has more or less distinct states on either “side” of it.

If you think of sleep paralysis as being a rung on a ladder, then right above its rung is a state where the body feels very heavy and moving is manageable but not easy. It’s akin to being very, very tired; you can move, but don’t want to.

Below the sleep paralysis rung things get weird. There isn’t really just one rung below sleep paralysis, but a few possible rungs or directions.

One direction is entering the so-called Void. A lot of people experience an infinite black space at certain times: (1) in, or after, sleep paralysis, or (2) between dreams.

The Void is different than simply seeing darkness behind your closed eyes. It’s more like being in outer space. Sometimes people see lights in the background (usually geometric patterns) and sometimes they see beings or structures. Typically though, being in the Void is a solitary and quiet experience.

Different people explain the Void differently: some people say it’s simply a physiological state and some people think it’s a dimensional between-place. Possibly it’s both.

Personally, I have dreamt of being in endless black spaces many times. And I have entered them from sleep paralysis. I don’t usually experience them with paralysis, but can move around freely through the black. Rarely do I see myself or vividly experience a body while I’m there. I experience myself more as a field of consciousness there. I’ve had a number of lucid dreams that have only been me in the Void. Usually, if I fly through the Void long enough, I can enter a lucid dream through a “window” or geometric light pattern.

If the Blackness can be talked about as a common place that’s shared, or experienced, by all dreamers, then I wouldn’t say it leads anywhere specifically. It leads all sorts of places.

Ryan Hurd (of Dream Studies) conducted a bunch of lucid dream experiments from the Void and found that it isn’t random—you end up in the dreams you do because of what is on your mind and what’s going on emotionally.

Once I went from a lucid dream to the Void and back to exactly the same dream as earlier through a type of window hanging in the black.

Oh thats awesome. I posted a new topic of what happen last night. I followed the darkness.

i’ve noticed recently that any time light switches and lamps do no work, that means i’m about to get attacked by a shadow figure or start to feel a menacing prescence. and every single time, i know that’s a reality check, but my dreaming brain fools me. the most recent time it happened, i noticed it being really warm as i tried the lights, so i thought the power must’ve been out for a while.

Yea my dream sign is the lights not working. Its happen to me twice already and its really easy to notice and remember