My experimental website.. Ok it's useless

I created a website that automaticly adds each visitor’s national flag to the page (one per visitor)… Yes I know it’s useless… But it’s fun trying to see how many flags i can add to it…

Let me know what you think, lol…

Cool! :smile: but I visited it I didn’t get my countrie’s flag (Lebanon)… I’m visiting from the university (American University of Beirut) so I’ll try tomorrow from home…

lol cool :smile: w00t second dutch person to visit your site :happy:

second UK flag :eh:

Where are the latest flags added? Beginning or end?

How do you check the country? Is it by the top-level domain of the hostname? Maxmind GeoIP?

They are added to the end

I check the country from a local database of every allocated ip range w/ corresponding country code. (from APNIC, ARIN, RIPE and LACNIC registrars)

Woooh! Go UK!

11th uk!!! w00t

w00t! I did not expected to find 2 Estonian flags before my entrance. I wonder is it one Estonian, or 2 who were there before me :grin:

awesome site! :wink: it might be useless, but… original! :biggrin:

cute hehe :content:

Who was the other norwegian? I should have seen this when I was in sweden earlier today with my new mobile connection…I wonder if it would have showed up as swedish or norwegian?


Funny concept of the site, btw.

does each time I visit another flag is added? cause I like to keep checking, but I think I’m flooding it with my “american-ness” :shy:

I never get a flag when I go there :sad:

See olin mina, mis siis :cool:

Translation: It was me, what about it :cool:

Dreamaddict, unless your ip keeps changing (it would if you are on dial-up) you wont add a new flag each time you visit.


ooooh, so it is IP based, and not cookie based?

I’m not on dialup, but the nature of my satellite connection I never know when I am behind NAT … or have a public address … so yes, it always changes :tongue:

[size=84]yay, more flags for me[/size] :grin:

Interesting page. I know it really doesn’t serve any purpose or anything. Just something for fun.