My Fellow Lucid Dreamers, I need your help.

Guys I’m pretty sure you all love lucid dreaming as much as I do, because otherwise you wouldn’t be here. I always wondered why lucid dreaming was not one of the most talked about things in the world, it really does deserve to be. What wouldn’t the world like about it. But instead of this lucid dreaming is sent to a small corner of Internet, and yes it does occasionally trend like when inception came out but it quickly dies off and calms down. I do agree that this is improving more and more people are starting to know about it. But I don’t believe it should stop there, in my mind lucid dreaming is one of the most amazing experiences in life and there is nothing that can compare to it. Why don’t we up the level of this incredible hobby that everybody here loves. I want to make lucid dreaming a global nocturnal hobby. So I have a vision and I’m not going to lie its a tough Vision that I can’t do with out you guys and people alike all across the Internet. I want to take lucid dreaming a step closer to my vision of being globally excepted, a recognised hobby up there with model painting and other hobbies. So I decided I would like to make,
Lucidity Awareness 2012/2013
I thought about this long and hard because I was not sure if I could pull this off and being 14 (nearly 15) I thought this task would be to huge for me to take on. And then it hit me there are thousands of people just like me who want the same thing. So I’m asking you to help me get to where I want lucid dreaming to be. Now I’m not asking for money, but time. And I know you guys are busy and it might be a lot to ask for since your not being paid. But I was kinda hoping that you would do it for love of the hobby and if you are like me you want lucid dreaming to be so much. So I wondered for a while what was the best way to get this passionate message across to the world, and really it’s a no-brainier that Internet. Think of all the people we could get the message too. But the Internet is huge so I thought we better target a small section, well I wouldn’t say small. We need to have a YouTube video that is sponsored by everyone who enjoys lucid dreaming be it a website, YouTube channel and all of the other good stuff. Now I understand this is going to take a while but I have no doubt that we can succeed. So I have made a list of what I would like from anybody that loves this hobby and I will post updates as well on this post, if you have any of these skills please do contact me by pm or write on the post, hope you see the same picture as I do.

The things I need from you guys,

  • a animator who can animate me a 5-7 minute video that is well done because this is the heart of the operation, of cause being the most important Job I need someone who can do a professional job I am really hoping that someone will take this on, it doesn’t even need to be finished to a deadline you can take your time.
  • A narrator, now I would do this but I’m not sure it will come over as professional as possible if a 14 year old is doing it :woo: but I was hoping it could be like a speaker you hear on tv, is that too much to ask, I’m not sure but if you are over 21 with a passion for lucid dreaming then please do pm me.
  • sponsors, not for money but to have your logo at the end of the video would be great. I would like a clip at the end of the video saying this video is supported by: and then the logo make a wall on the screen.
  • Musicians, can you make a cool tune that plays in the background of this video if your intreasted then pm me, I would be really greatful that you share a passion.
  • a logo designer, if anybody would work with me over the Internet to design a logo for this project I would be really happy.
    -Everyone else, when the project is officially launched I will say that on the thread and I would like everybody who wants this lucid future to go crazy and spread the word, please keep it clean like no graffiti that would give our project a bad look, just Internet advitisment.
    Incase your wondering its taken me a hour to write this so far :content:
    Anyway LD4ALL I’m also asking you for help if you could make this a sticky subject and sponsor this project I would love that. So guys what do you think I think it’s time for change lucidity deserves more publicity.
    Soon to be announced information,
  • the official project name,
  • the content of the video,
  • the usernames of the most amazing helpers,
  • continually new sponsors from all around the Internet,
  • hopefully some speakers like gizedwards and maybe if we are super lucky I would like to get Steven laberge to say a word or two.

So come on guys lets unite and make this grand vision a reality.
I will update you guys regularly.
Thank you so much for reading, :smile:

I actually thought that you guys would be a bit more passionate about this community project but anyways, I have decided that I can do the animations myself, because its a lot to ask so don’t worry I understand. I would still love LD4ALL to support this because its doing you a favour and when the project is finished you will get tons of new members.
Lucid awareness 2013 has also got a slogan now which says let’s move towards a lucid reality, however this can and 99% will change.

It’s great to see that you are passionate about lucid dreaming. The problem that I see at this stage is that you have a lot of big ideas and it feels a bit like you are trying to run before you are walking, to use an idiom. It takes time to get a project going and usually needs you to show people more than that you have big ideas. It’s tricky to fire motivation in people and keep them motivated.

It’s clear that you want to promote lucid dreaming as a hobby, but other than that your goals seem a little loosely defined. To get people motivated they need to share in the goal, they need to be invested in the project. It feels like your goals are a little overambitious. We can make a difference and spread the knowledge of lucid dreaming, but we also have to be realistic. We probably aren’t going to revolutionise how the masses see lucid dreaming with a youtube video, no matter how slick and professional it is. That isn’t to say it won’t make a difference at all though.

I’d also note that dropping to a scornful tone after your post had received no reply in just 24 hours is very unlikely to garner support from people. I know you are no doubt frustrated at the lack of people sharing your enthusiasm, but if you are going to lead a project you can’t show this kind of disdain towards others; no matter how you feel.

Green dragon,
I’m sorry you are 100% right, I should not be moaning at all and yeah also you are right I have been extremely ambitious about this project, but I 100% believe that this is the way forward to give a nudge to the general public, don’t you honestly feel the same way. In my opinion lucid dreams are amazing. I’m sorry guys for the moaning, I hope you can forgive me and still want to help with this project. I also want to re-adjust how I put the post, I am not setting out to instantly convert the public into lovers of the lucid dreaming hobby but I would like to ignite a spark in the world to get the idea across.
Please guys, I need some ideas and help, I would normally do this by myself but this is a community thing. I want everybody to shape the future of lucid dreaming not just me. :smile:
I also am taking green dragons words into account and I’m going to start small, thank you green dragon.

So, I really don’t want to pick a fight here, but I’m just not liking the whole thing you’re trying to pull up.

Though I might as well be alone with this, I honestly don’t support the idea of a ‘lucid world’ or even a ‘lucid movement’. As much as I enjoy lucid dreaming and would like more people to experience this fascinating world, I don’t want it to become too known. It’s not that I want to make LD-ers a secret society or something, but in my opinion it should be something only those can find who really care about it.

I guess I’m expressing myself way too complicated, so I’ll just try using an example (myself, as I’m too lazy of being original right now). Actually, I found out about LD-ing because I always was very interested in dreams and in means of dream control. Now, last year I found a wikipedia article which caught my interest, obviously it was about Lucid Dreaming, and that’s how I got into LD-ing and on this forum.
You see, I found my way here because I really wanted to. It was not that I just out of boredom looked around on 9gag, found a post on LD-ing, thought: „Lulz, dat soundz cool x.x“, somehow found out about this forum, and two days later asked: „Y U no give me lucid dreamzz? -.-“

I’m not trying to be like ‘xenophobic’ here, but shouldn’t we try to keep LD-ing a personal thing? I mean, at least before this whole 9gag thing, this used to be a sophisticated, friendly and altogether nice place to be. Then came the wave of 12-16 year old kiddies (I see I’m titulating myself as ‘kiddie’ here) who for around two months ‘flooded’ the forum with mostly always the same threads and posts. Most of us know what I mean, at least I hope so.
Now, it’s still a friendly community, but I feel like it has somewhat lost its ‘intellectual level’. It’s put into quotation marks on purpose, as I don’t want to call anyone dumb here.

Now especially to rustydreamer: You said in your ‘scornful note’, like GD called it, that you’re doing ld4all a favour. Well, I’m not ld4all, I’m just a member with perhaps 20 posts, but I personally do not think it would be a favour, even if it succeeded. What would be good about „tons of new members“? New members are not a bad thing per se, yet I don’t think that those who would watch that youtube video would be a valuable addition to this community. Again, I don’t mean to insult anyone directly.

I honestly don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but I just had to get that off my chest.

It’s crazy because that’s exactly how I found out about Lucid Dreaming. At first I would just look up what things meant in dreams. I would always have the craziest dreams that I would remember so clearly and I always wondered how more I can get into it. I googled it, went to the wikipedia page on Dreams and found out about Lucid Dreaming.

You don’t seem xenophobic to me, I can understand why you are concerned about a sudden influx of outsiders who might not understand, or worse, might not care about the culture or atmosphere of the forum. Those concerns are very valid, ld4all is more than just some site that tells you how to LD, it’s a community of dreamers. It can be frustrating at times to see posts made by those who have no interest in investing any real time or energy into the topic and by extension the forum itself, they just want a quick hack so they can have awesome LDs. Sometimes even acting as though forum users are holding out on them and keeping it secret.

The thing I find it helps to remember when you are faced with those sorts of people. Is that they are probably going to be frustrated, unhappy and ultimately if they don’t move past that mentality or get lucky, fail and forget about lucid dreaming. There have been a few members who joined in this mindset though, who moved past it and became regulars. If they don’t though, they are the ones who are missing out.

Personally I find it amicable that rustydreamer feels full of drive to spread something he feels is wonderful and can incite such pleasure in life for others as it has for him. It’s just that not everybody has the same motivation with being here. Some are far more interested in sharing dreams and their experiences with like-minded people, than they are with sharing the wonders of lucid dreaming with the world at large. Both viewpoints have their validity and its about a balance from my perspective.

I will be sure to spread the word when this is finished. I, too think LDing should be more commonly talked about.

In a less articulate sense, i think everyone is afraid of the same thing. 5-10 posts a day all stating, “I tried to WILD when i went to bed last night, and it didn’t work! HELP NOW!”. :bored: