My first amazing try

Hello everyone, a new lucider here. (Warning long post :tongue:)

A freind of mine gave me the url to several luciddreaming sites a few weeks ago, i didnt even know such was possible until reading about it.
I got verry fascinated and read for 2 days in a row about things like lucid dreaming, OBE’s, Chakra, meditation etc etc.

After a few days, i got what i’d call an overload. Since i have a fear of the unknown, yet verry attracted to it, i started getting several fear-attacks, its called agony (i think) - I coudnt sleep, i coudnt stop thinking about OBE’s etc and i kept thinking ‘omg what if i OBE’ now and such. I coudnt sleep for some days, then i finally got back to my normal self.

And now just yesterday, i had my first experience.
I read about WILDS and for some reason i decided to give it a try, to prove something to myself perhaps, or perhapy my sub-consious kept pushing me to make me realize there is nothing to be afraid of. So i laid down, starting thinking, focusing, doing some mantras etc. There was as little glitch where i dont know what happened, the 1-2 second transition between awake and asleep, and i could feel it… I felt that i was falling asleep and i kept focusing. Before i knew it i was in a black void, with certain images flashing before me, it happened incredibly fast so i didnt catch mots of it. But i knew somehow, that i’d have to focus on one of theese images, so i did. Thats when it happened, the vibrations iv been reading about everywhere… They were so powerfull, a refreshing exerpeince if i might add, at that time i wasnt afraid.
I even remember biting my teeth together and saying to myself: Ok here we gooooooooo! The picture drawed closer to me, i could see what i was now. An image of a ball on a beach or something, the vibrations got even stronger.

Then really weird stuff started to happen, i first got a really short sleep paralysis, i could see through my eyelids i think, could see my wall clear as day, and i coudnt move.
Im just really glad that didnt turn out to be an awfull experience like described by some others.
Then right after i woke up. I sat on my bed going ‘wtf’.
This is the funny part, i woke up, took my socks on, turned on my computer… whops the computer isnt working and the room is alot darker than it should be, than i woke up AGAIN!
I had a false awakening! What an confusing experience!
On my first try i managed to get to ‘twilight zone’, experience the vibrations, have a short sp followed up by a FA.
Some poeple think the vibrations is an effect of chakra pulsing through your body to project, i believe this is true.
I could feel it flowing and when i woke up the first time i could feel it slowing down, amazing.

So now i dont know what to do, i coudnt sleep this night, afraid for some reason again. Its funny, its like i fall asleep, and at ONCE i wake up again, like i somehow refuse to dream?
I so wish i wasnt afraid, i just want to lunge in the unknown, because i know deep down that it will probably be an awesome experience
But still the fear of the unknown holds me back.
The funny thing is, that the twilight zone as some call it, is extremely easy for me to sense. I dont even have to focus or count or doing mantras, there’s just a certain point right before i fall asleep that i feel it, i focus for some seconds and im there. Thats what happened tonight, but i managed to jump out of it before the image-part the hypnagogic or something i believe you call it. So im going to sleep in a few hours, i wonder what’s gonna happen.

This post turned out to be alot longer than i expected, but i hope poeple can learn from it, and i would really like to hear about your experiences aswell. Id appreciate tips, id actually appreciate anything right now :smile:
Either way, the burden im carrying is slightly easier now :smile:
Thats it for me now, caio!

Wow - you almost achieved WILD on your first go? Most people (including me) find it hard. Heck, I’ve never even reached SP before (even though I’ve tried a number of times).

Okay - so, basically did WILD and ended up in an ND (this was the FA). And then you woke up for real.

Those images you saw were HI, as was the impression that you could see with your eyes shut (you wasn’t seeing through your eyelids - but rather the HI mimicked the real world).

All the things you expereince in WILD/SP are just hallucinations - so if you ever do see/feel something worrying (which is unlikely, but whatever) just remind yourself that nothing is real.

The same goes for LD’ing - you can’t be harmed, as there isn’t actually anything to harm you.

Hi dreamaholic! Welcome to LD4all! :colgate:

Congrats on your first WILD! That’s impressive! :clap: Generally, fear is one of the main beginners problem with WILD. They have to get slowly accustomed to all the hallucinations they may experience (HI, vibrations, floating sensations, etc.) Moreover, it seems you are pretty gifted for this technique! :smile:

Ho and yes, :ack: an useful tip! Some WILD’ers use to perform a reality check immediatly after they believe they have awaken. So that if it’s a dream, they can realize they are dreaming and they’re not fooled by FA’s.

Thanks for the replies :cool: - Its comforting to know that there are others like me, who have gone through what im probably going through now.

Im still scared as shit about stuff like SP, hallucinations and weird noices, whispers, screams and crashes. But i do feel that il overcome it.
I think a day or two with some time off from LD’ing might help
Any tips on how to conquer my fears?

Here is my tip: :smile: it sounds like you are afraid of this stuff because you believe it to be paranormal. It isn’t. I don’t believe in OBE’s (until I will experience one :wink: ) , but I know that most of current OBE’ists and astral projecters agree with the scientific point of view about that.

These hypnagogic hallucinations are due to the activation or desactivation of some brain parts while we fall asleep. Voices are due to the desactivation of the prefrontal cortex. Floating feelings are due to the activation of the angular gyrus. Vibrations are due to the delta brainwaves. All this can be reproduced in sleep laboratory.

I hope this info could help. :content:

If you ever wake from a lucid dream and find you can’t move, don’t worry. Allow me to explain: When you sleep, your body from you neck down is pretty much paralysed to keep you from acting out your dreams, and sometimes this paralisis doesnt go away right when you wake up. It happend to me once, and it only lasts a minute or two. Anyhow congrats on your experience and good luck in the future! :tongue:

my bad. Apparently that was already covered in the first section on the homepage, and I had just missed it. Oh well