My first and funny LD

I had my first LD last night and I entered lucidity in a quite funny way.

I wake up in my bed in the morning. The place looks like my flat and I am weirdly entirely clothed under my sheets. There is a girl next to my bed standing and looking at me. I don’t know her, I ask her who she is and why she is here (I don’t remember clearly what she said). We keep talking and at one point she stops and says “you… you don’t look real”. I say “I don’t think you are real too” (and I meant it, I was quite intrigued how she got here). Then she says “maybe I’m dreaming”. I look at her and we both scream “but IT’S A DREAM” and in facts after few reality test I realise I am aware I am dreaming.

And the girl stayed with me the whole dream. We mostly walked and talked in a perpetual changing urban environment. She was like my guide (the funny thing is that she was aware of dreaming too, it was like a shared dream). I asked her lots of question about dreams and she reminded me all the keeping-lucidity tricks. “Look at your hands, quick !”. She was beautiful and we were about to have sex when I really woke up… (daaamn!!).

Another funny thing : she gave me her name so I could find her on facebook when I would wake up. I tried for fun.

Now I wonder if she’ll appear again and become a dream sign (that would be quite useful).

Hi Roger !

and so you find her on facebook ? :tongue:

I have my 1st LD yesterday too, and it’s funny because my friend said she was dreaming too… seems to be a repetitive pattern…

Look at our hands really help to keep lucidity ? I was looking at my hands too… I don’t know really why. I read Carlos Castaneda when I was a teenager, I can hardly remember something about it… but in my dream it was a reflex… I don’t know why…

Just a disgression: anyone here read about Castaneda’s book ? I do not really remember and I don’t have read all, but it was talking about dream too…

All my apologies to disturb your forum with all my message :smile:

Whatever I m sincerely happy for you.

Wow, that’s pretty awesome, so did you find her on facebook? :happy:

Hahaha, I kinda envy you this LD, I wish I experienced this :happy: And I renew the question my predecessors asked, did you find her on FB? :happy:

That’s a really cool dream, but like everyone else is wondering; did you find her on FB?

Awesome first LD. If she is your DG you are very lucky. I’m trying to find my DG but no luck so far.

Now just keep with good work. And whenever you feel like you are not motivated enough just remember this dream and experience!

Good luck! :content:

wow! meeting your DG in your first LD…that’s awesome. plus points for her being beautiful.

Hey, thanks for your answers and your enthusiasm guys !

Naturally I did not find her on Facebook haha and I hope she is my DG indeed. the fact is I didn’t get any lucid dreams since (I was close once but didn’t entirely realize it was a dream). But I’m more into practice now (I bought the Stephen Laberge book 2 weeks ago, great great book).