My first attempt at LD

Hello, all. This is my first post on the boards.

So, I was attempted to WILD last night, just relaxed a ton, and I had read some post about a guy thinking about someone walking up stairs, so I did that, and it may have worked.

What happened was, all the sudden, my body goes all tingly. It took me a while, but I found somewhere that described that, so I know it’s normal (I guess.) The weird part was, my eyelids were twitching rapidly while all this was happened. My hearing, I think, was still intact.

I got really freaked out at this, so I opened my eyes (wasn’t that easy, but I woke myself up.)

So, was my mind staying awake while my body fell asleep? And if so, would I have progressed directly into a dream, or would I have just been awake while my body slept? Because that seems really strange…

Wish me luck again tonight!

EDIT: I also may have heard a kind of whining…like a motor starting up or something, but it might have been IRL. I’m not sure. Like I said, I had some music playing and i could hear that during the experience.

Hey darkvark,

What you experienced seems to be pretty normal yes.The tingles, the twitching. This is what happens when you make some progress with WILDing, so i would advise keep going perhaps you will soon get into a LD from it (so, yes, your mind is awake and body sleeps, this is what a LD actually is).

good luck :smile: