My first attempt

So, i tried my first attempt at lucid dreaming. I had read up very recently on it, and was quite excited to give it a go, but by no means was thinking i would get it so soon.

I had read that the best time to try it was early in the morning, but for some reason tried to give it a go as i was going to bed (I’ll be sure to try it at a better time)

I lay on my bed, in a comfortable position and tried to stay deadly still. To keep me sane, i was just counting in my head from 1-60, and then repeating. I must have been lying there for about 5 minutes when my feet and finger tips starting to feel a bit heavy. After 20 minutes or so, pretty much my whole body except for my head was heavy and then after 30, i almost felt completely numb. I didn’t dare try to move in case i ruined what i had done so far or something, so i continued to keep still.

As i had done for the past 30 minutes, i continued to try imagining landscapes or anything interesting. I don’t really have a particularly good imagination, so i could really only keep a few images in my head, that weren’t very detailed. 30 minutes in, i could imagine moving, and laughing faces which was good. Over a few different stories i read, you always get the horror ones, so a lot of the time my mind wandered over to something that made my heart leap a bit, before i told myself to calm down and continued to think of something else.

Then it seems i drifted off and woke up, having had a bit of an unpleasant dream where i crashed my car (A normal dream, not a lucid one)

So, my question is - What can i do try improve my ability to be able to do this, and is drifting off into a normal dream a common thing? Any extra tips?

Thanks a lot for your time, i really appreciate your hep