My first conscious attempt for LD

Hey everyone!

Let me introduce myself briefly. My (nick)name is ElCapuccino and not too long ago, I started reading about lucid dreaming. Although I was aware of this phenomena and from past experiences I had several of these ‘dreams which I controlled’, I was a bit skeptical. I wasn’t sure if all these techniques were truly working. Still, the whole concept of lucid dreaming had grabbed my attention.

So after reading a bunch of stuff, I have become familiar with several techniques, like WILD and MILD. That is, I know what the techniques are, not that I master them. I have also understood how these lucid dreams arise.

So last night, I decided to consciously try to get lucid. At that point, I remembered several dreams of the nights before. I did not expect a lot, I was just throwing myself into it.

I think i tried the MILD technique. While I was falling asleep, I was repeating myself that ‘I am going to dream’ and ‘I am dreaming’. It was hard for me to stay focused, I was thinking about all kinds of different stuff. One thing that was clearly present, was some kind of fear. Fear of the unknown, of what is going to happen, or fear of bad experiences, fear to summon unpleasant things.

I was also trying to visualize my dream. I used a warm summer day from last year’s summer holiday.

Usually, I just fall asleep and don’t quite remember how and when I fell asleep. But now, I tried to stay conscious. But at one point, something strange happened. Something I never experienced before. As I was finally concentrated, I was staring into the blackness and I already felt my body was completely relaxed. Then, in a sudden, the noise in my ears (noise, as in a beep) started to become louder. The visualization started to become more rapid, something was happening I realized. Like I was truly falling into a state of dreaming. But consequently, my heart rate was increasing rapidly. I could feel and hear my heartbeat harder and louder. I don’t know if this is usual or it was a response of my conscious self for it was an unusual experience. Somehow it became too overwhelming and I snapped out of it. When I looked up, it was almost an hour later and I noticed I was sweating heavily.

After that I couldn’t let it go and gave it another try. It took me a while, but then the same thing happened, and as I was trying to get deeper in that state, something freaky happened. My PC, which is in my bedroom, started up by itself! Because of this noise and light, I snapped out of it. I was freaked out of everything, so I turned off my PC and went to sleep as I usually do. I don’t remember anything if dreamed last night.

Some times in the past, I woke up middle in the night to see my PC was on. I could never explain this. But this was the first time I actually hear and see my PC starting up. I still don’t know why this is happening.

Can someone explain this experience to me? What exactly happened and what I should do? Is this normal for a beginner?

Thanks in Advance!


Interesting experience.
I’m not an expert, but I think you are very close to having an LD. That first try sounded more like WILD, though you mentioned you used MILD, maybe you ended up with a combo technique. :happy:

I think that was hypnagogic imagery and maybe it would have developed into a dream scene if it wasn’t for your panic. The hallusinations/noises you experience in this state might be frightening but they can never harm you.

Your pc started by itself? :eek: Maybe you were dreaming the whole thing, who knows? I’d say the other “paranormal PC” occasion you reported might have been a false awakening. You know, waking up in a dream.

Hope I helped. Don’t let this discourage you! Maybe pick a different method if this experience is preventing any future MILD/WILD experiments. I’m impressed that you had results so early, especially when WILD is not the usual method for beginners.

Exactly the same happened to me! EVERYTHING just like you said it in this quote… I
the pc is reeeally strange tough :wink:

Weird. That’s hard to say whether you had a FA or not. The best practice is to do RCs anytime you wake up, or think you wake up. That way you know for sure if you are dreaming or not and you could possibly turn your FA into an LD. It happened to me last week!

Thanks for the responses!
As for the PC, it remains still a mystery to me. I guess it’s just a technical error. The timing was a bit frightening I guess. So I think this was not the case of a FA. It happened before that I woke up around 05:00 AM to see that my PC was running. I usually then turn it off and go back to bed.
I once thought maybe I was a sleepwalker and I just turn my PC on in my sleep. But now I’ve seen it just turns on itself, I know that’s not the case. Still is strange, though.

@Slumberlord, I’m not quite sure what explicit technique I used haha. I guessed it was MILD, because I was remembering myself I was dreaming. But at the same time, I tried to visualize a dream so it could be a combo.

But is the increasing heartbeat normal when experiencing this? I think that was the main reason I panicked.

Completely normal, it was your first time trying these techniques so you just got excited. Next time take a deep breath and relax and you’ll be lucid dreaming in no time! :wink:

Thanks. I guess I just have to get used to the experience.

One more question though. Can someone say which technique I used, based on my description? Because it is not totally clear for me.

Mnemonic-wake induced lucid dream. :happy: Maybe you created a new technique that helps with getting to the hypnagogic state faster. :razz:

It’s almost similar to what happened to me on my second try with WILD. I went to bed, had to cover myself with sheets cuz my bedroom was cold. So I started to feel that I was dragged into my bed, then suddenly I started to hear some steps, I was thinking to myself that it was part of the experience so I kept going.

Then something strange happened, I didn’t hear anything after or see anything, but my mind suddenly start rushing thoughts at an incredible speed, while I didn’t feel my body anymore.

I got so uncomfortable with my mind, that I had to wake up, just to find myself sweating alot. I was sweating like a freaking boiler, i had to go wash my face in the bathroom, an as weird as you said about your computer, something happened to me. I flipped the light switch and BOOM, my lightbulb went out.

Scared the shit out of me, and I started to say to myself: maybe I’m in the dream, so I had to make a reality check with the clock just to find that one hour had passed since i went to bed.

I’m gonna try again tonight, hope I don’t have to change another lightbulb