my first experience with WILD ..and i blew it!

my first experience with WILD!
…and i blew it! :sad:

i had LD’s so far but all of them were DILD and due to RC (except one).

well, while WILD-ing , a very vivid image of my bookshelf in the night appeared and i was surprised of how vivid it was. i thought i was already in a dream :tongue: , but then i thought maybe that’s not a random WILD image and it’s actually the last thing i saw before closing my eyes. I opened them to check (BIIIG mistake) :grrr: :grrr:

Getting used to your own WILD procedure is different for every one, keep it up and keep experimenting… you’ll get it, sounds like you’re close!


now i’m really angry!

my wild evolved to the point when i saw short movies.
Well, there was this movie that was getting brighter and brighter and i thought that i am entering the dream but actually i was opening my eyes to see my street lamp.
i didnt want to open my eyes… it just happened :cry: :cry:

i think the point where you see short movies it’s close to enetering the dream… am i right?

Well for me, my HI eventually turns into some sort of wire-frame like reality. I see the shapes of all moving objects in white outlines on a black canvas. Depth in the objects slowly develops and yes they often move about and then I quickly have to reharness my concentration because if I don’t, these ‘movie’ like visions quickly drift off into some of the weirdest and most random scenerios and before I realize it I let myself fall asleep and have a ND.

and the thing with the eyes, yes, when HI and all that becomes very vivid it does feel like you began to see through your eye lids or something similar… so once again back to one I was saying a second ago, it’s about concentration and remembering that you’re WILD’ing even when you’re getting vivid HI so that you can remember that you’re WILDing and to keep yourself from opening your eyes. I know personally most of the time when I was beginning to WILD I’d just give up or mess up whenever I was close, but without concentration you can fail just as much by slipping into ND’s.


Mm I still havnt gotten WILD to work. But I’ve never seen movies. I usually get numbness, then I feel my heart chakra racing, Then random colors and images (Last time I saw faces coming out of the darkness) and the closest I think I’ve gotten was the other night. It was like a curtain opened and I saw all this landscape and scenery, but it kept fading between the curtains opening and the other HI in the darkness images. I dunno sounds like you’re close to me ^^;