My first FA (Got close to lucidity)

I’m pretty excited, I had my first FA ever, and I feel I was pretty close to becoming lucid.

Anyway, in my dream I woke up, and looked at the clock, which said 6:17. (I should have looked at it twice, I missed an opportunity). I grabbed my dream journal, and suddenly realised that I had forgotten all my dreams :sad: . I reached for my torch (which I always keep next to my bed), but I saw that there were about 6 different torches next to me, and I couldn’t decide which one to use. I started to think that something was not right, but I didn’t think twice about it (another opportunity missed). Anyway, I got out of bed, and went out into the hallway, where my brother was standing. He told me that mum and dad were upstairs. (Since my brother was actually at a sleepover party that night, I should have realised he wouldn’t be home).

I’ve only known about lucid dreaming for a few days, and I’m pretty confident that if I continue to practice my reality check (blocking my nose and trying to breathe) until it becomes second nature, I’ll be able to turn FA’s like these into lucid dreams. So yeah, I’m pretty pleased, and happy that I’m making such fast progress :smile:


Any more progress so far?

Very nice…and SO MANY OPPURTUNITIES! Many people don’t have that many, and therefor, even if they are good at LDing, won’t realize to use a RC. Grats!

its good your taking a notice to some of the oppertunities at some extent, very nice. remember though, it would be better to have more RC’s to do, because sometimes even when you do preform an RC, it will fail in a dream. your making great progress though, keep it up :content:

Congrats! :thumbs:

You can learn more about FAs here if you’re interested. :wave:

Looks like you’re off to a great start though, just get those RCs into a habit and you’ll be lucid in no time! :content:

Have a LD tonight, best of luck. :wink:


FA are very strange, I’ve a lot of them! Almost every night.

Don’t forget to do RC when you wake up! it’s very easy to forget the RCs at this time.