My first few experiences/questions

OK, this is probably gonna be the most interesting LD experience you ever read (ok probably not…)… it’s kind of a lot to read but if anyone can answer the questions at the end I’d appreciate it. I find LD stuff really interesting!

OK so I have had experience with sleep paralysis for a couple years now. My first encounter with it was when I was in a dream, in a classroom, sitting at a desk. I put my head down to sleep, and I was paralysed there, and aware of my breathing. I tried to get out of it naturally and wondered how long I would be there.
Over the next year I had maybe 5-10 more instances of sleep paralysis, though I would just find myself aware of my body’s position, in complete darkness, unable to move. Each time I would struggle so hard I would wake up. Nothing unsual happened whatsoever.

One day my brother asked me if I’d ever had (what he described as) sleep paralysis, and I told him I have. Much later, on vacation, he subtly brings up out-of-body-experiences, talking about SP, vibrations, then going out-of-body, then how he would do random stuff like bang every chick in sight and how there were heightened emotions- for example expectation/anticipation- for example if there’s something evil you’re not supposed to look at, and then you look at it, you will be blown away by some really dark feeling. I’ve had stuff like this happen in ND. He told some scary stories too.

So then the first day I get home I end up getting sleep paralysis and I try something I haven’t tried before- I sit still, totally curious to see what would happen. Instantly, as though my brain already knew my intentions were different, I had the vibrations, not too intense. After 5 seconds the vibs began to fade and after 10 seconds I tried to force myself into a sitting-up position. In the ‘dream’ I was half-paralysed and struggled towards the bathroom, with almost zero vision, then I woke up. But from then on I knew, having felt the vibrations, that everything he said about OBE/LD was true (and that he wasn’t full of shit), and I became instantly fascinated with it.

Being from the OBE and not the LD line of thought, I tried WILDs and worked on increasing my conscious awareness of myself as I was falling asleep. SP became more and more common. It happened one or two dozen more times and again, absolutely no symptoms. The only slight exceptions were bangs (twice), hearing my fan, which then stopped (maybe as my hearing turned off?), one time heard my blinds fluttering as if my window was open/heavy vibrations, and one time SP randomly interrupted my dream, and I heard a series of 100% random noises, as realistic as if they were happening right beside my ears, and there was an echoey ambiance. Most of the time I avoided SP- I was a little spooked and I read somewhere you can escape by wiggling fingertips so I did that.
My first OBE was rather weird and integrated into a dream. I was in that morning state where you fall into SP really easily, at my room in Toronto, not my family house. As I fell back asleep I was thinking something totally retarded like “parkinsons isn’t so bad” (my dad has parkinsons). I guess I thought it would be amusing to think something totally retarded. So I ended up in a dream upstairs hallway at my family’s house, and it was 5am with lots of light coming in (because it was morning IRL), and my dad was doing stuff downstairs as if it was the middle of the day- he has a lot of trouble sleeping, so I thought, wow that sucks to be so unable to sleep properly. And I went to bed, then IRL, I must have turned onto my back. In the dream, I had SP, and I relaxed and did absolutely nothing, just waited. I felt my RL jaw drop all the way down, and after 15 seconds, it felt as though my upper body was magnetically lifted into a sitting position. The wall/closets of the room from the dream (family home) came into view, and were in great detail, and I could move around so realistically. Being such a cautious person, I decided that was enough and asked myself to wake up.

My second OBE/LD was in a dream with false awakenings- probably not actual SP, just pretend ones. I would struggle, wiggle my fingers to no avail, and so I struggled myself to get out of bed and turn on some lights. Sure enough, I find myself back in bed with SP again, and within a couple seconds my body seperates involuntarily and I notice myself teleporting. I end up somewhere that is pitch black and notice I can move around fully. I then teleport myself back to my body and after that is completed I wake up.

My third OBE was just a normal morning SP, I decide I’m up for it and relax, and within a few seconds I feel myself separate, this time I was dislodged horizontally/weirdly and I saw a flash. My room came into view and so I walked around exploring it and checking details. I moved towards the wall with closets and looked at the detail. I looked up and saw a subtle border around the stucco ceiling, something I never consciously noticed before. I looked on my dresser and saw a few objects, one unrecognized black object which must have been a representation of my wallet. Stuff was missing as I realized afterward (ie computer desk area). It was only really what I focused on. I thought about scary things happening, like maybe someone walking into my room, but nothing happened. I looked at my bed (don’t remember seeing me, but I didn’t focus) and wished myself awake. Maybe 30 seconds total.

I now have a few questions:

  1. Why is certain stuff so easy- I am forced involuntarily out of my body after only a few seconds, I’ve been completely alone, and I have no urge to return to my body or feeling that the LD will end.
  2. Why has nothing the slightest bit weird happened to me? I am scared of my room when really dark, scared of “SP monsters” etc., and for such a scared person, nothing even SLIGHTLY weird has happened. No emotions/feelings/fears, no weird phenomena, nothing. Am I a really boring person?
  3. Why are “SP horrors” so prevalent? How come most people see stuff, room, monsters whatever, during SP, and I have no vision during it? Aren’t peoples’ eyes closed so how can they be paralysed with a view of their room? Unless it’s not really their room?
  4. Is it normal that all my entries, no matter how I enter, (DILD, WBTB, LD upon waking up), SP always occurs? Never done RCs or stuff like that.

I am looking forward to doing more with LD, though in what is for me a typical cautious way.


  1. Well people like you, people with this kind of “situation” might call them self a natural lucid dreamers, that what you are - maybe.

  2. I wouldn’t say that you are boring. Maybe your level of lucidity just prevents your subconscious to create things out of the blue. That means you are aware of your surrounding and you create your surroundings. Containing this stable environment again might suggest that you are a natural lucid dreamer.

  3. People usually see scary things in SP because they believe that they will see them. People are easily deceived. If you tell someone: “Do not enter SP you will most definitely see scary things” - and they will believe you and they will probably see scary things because they expect them to see.

While entering SP we tend to hallucinate. Images, sounds(that you described) and such. In SP eyes aren’t paralyzed but you might find yourself with the hallucination where your eyes are “fixed” on your room.

  1. Yes. Remember, you are paralyzed every night when you dream. If you weren’t and if you dream that you walk you would walk for real. Those that are sleep walkers aren’t paralyzed due to sleep disorders and such things. So yes, it’s normal to find yourself every night in SP. The only difference is that you are aware of your SP when most of the people aren’t.

Good luck in the future! :content:

I was at a friends house and I remember waking up in the middle of the night scared but when I got up everything was black and white, I went down the stairs of her house and stood outside her parents room and then walked back upstairs. When I got back to my friends bedroom I noticed that I was laying in the bed asleep, I was watching myself sleep, but the whole time I was in fear and I was anxious about something .

Fear and anxiety can be present in a dream specially when the feeling is present from the beginning. In that moment being lucid might help you a lot.