My First in Control Lucid Dream

Thank you Inception, for getting me into Lucid dreams,
in the past two weeks I have been trying to have a Lucid
dream, and succeeded twice but I wasn’t in control, until
the other night, and what a mind blowing experience.

I have been doing my RC during the day and then came the dream,
now in the dream I didn’t perform a RC check, but this is what

I was walking through a concert hall and these men were after me
because I helped out Jack Bauer, all of a sudden, I thought hey
'Im dreaming, so I took a deep breath and said to myself, “I want
to go to a theme park”

And there I was… so I started walking and thought I want to go
on a water slide, and there I was at the top of this huge
water slide, (all the time I knew I was dreaming) I went
down the slide and thought, perhaps I can dream about having
a steak sandwich, and there I was sitting at a table.

Though everytime I went to order, I would be interrupted, I
was trying to think what can I do to stop being interrupted, does
my subconscious want to stop me from eating a steak sandwich?

I woke up, to my dog barking. I thought the dream was pretty cool

Hope I have some more.

I don’t think your dream wants to prevent you from eating steak sandwich :tongue:. It might be just the idea that they won’t come help you, will cause that they won’t come take your order. Otherwise, you were distracted everytime you waited and your thoughts would go elsewhere. Then you got ‘interupted’ because of an other event you thought of or your dream made. Keeping focused in a dream is hard enough!

Good job on the LD! :content:
Dremas often reflect similar WL experiences, especially thought patterns: do you undergo doubt and distraction when trying to accomplish similar things (like something new) ? Anyway, where there’s a will, there’s a way, so you’llusrely be able to figure your way out ^^
Sweet dreaming! :dream:

Yes I do undergo doubt. Never thought of it that way.