My first LD! I need to celebrate!

I finally had an LD. I had 2 about a year and a half ago, and I’ve been trying SO hard to get another LD. And I finally got one last night! :cool_laugh: Yay!
The dream happened after I fell asleep writing down a ND in my DJ…
I usually never ask myself "am i dreaming?’, but in this dream, that was the first thing I thought. I looked at my hands, and I had 7 long fingers, and 4 fingers on the other hand. Then I did the nose RC, and I was surprised that I could breath through my nose with it plugged. I got out of my bed, and saw my dad. I was in my living room, and I somehow teleported my crush there. I was debating whether to kiss him, or look for a mirror to go through. That’s when the dream started to fade until everything was black. I closed my eyes and tried to get the dream back, but no use. :sad:
It was vague, and only a few seconds long, but I definately have made progress. It was too short to acutually fdo anything…but it was good while it lasted. The only things that were really clear were the RC, because I was so surprised by them. I totaly forgot the ways to maintain lucidity (rubbing your hands, spinning around) I need to remember those. :content:

I’m just really happy! :clap:

Congrats dreamer_chic! :cheer: I’m happy for you! :hurray:
I hope it will be the first of a whole series of great lucid dreams! :good:

Thanks Basilus West! I hope so too. I’ll just have to remember how to maintain lucidity! lol. It was fairly vivid in the beginning, then got blurry and vague. I’m really surprised that I actually got an LD though!

Maybe I did a form of WBTB. I was kinda taking a break from my DJ, so I didn’t think that I would even remember my dreams. I guess a lot of people get their first LD when they stop trying so hard for it!

Another Congratulations.

I had nearly the same experience as you. Last week I had decided that I was going to give up lucid dreaming and my dream journal. Soon afterward I had 3 straight days of lucid dreams. I guess it is better to just let them come to you than forcing them.

Yeah, I guess so! I tried forcing them before…wow that didn’t work!

My LD was really vague and short, but it can only get better from now on, right? :wink:

Yeah, a lot of people, including me, have had LD’s after I stopped trying so hard. It actually depends on the method your using. If your doing MILD, than I sugest you try “lightly,” just let it come to you. I don’t mean stop trying, or abandon yuour tech, just don’t force it.

If you achieve lucidity, it’s okay to get excited, but if you start jumping for joy, you may wake up. I don’t know why, but it happens to a lot of people.

You probably forgot about them because you were so joyous at the oncome of lucidity, and you lost concentration on what to do. Happened to me. This doesn’t just go for dreams, it happens IRL, too.
This is going to sound retarded, but just humor me :tongue: . I have an excersise for you that’s based on a scientific principal. You should do it on a day when you know you will be home all day. You’re going to have to “rehearse” a lucid dream (like I said, it sounds retarded). You have to do it EXACTLY eight times, once every hour. You have to come up with a script, something like,
“I’m dreaming! Oh no, everythings fading! I know…” and then spin and rub your hand and look at the ground (once again, it sounds retarded, and now you know why I said do it when your at home :tongue: , heh heh). You have to do your script the same way on all eight hours. This has worked for me before, but for something else, and without all the acting, but it was for something entirely different.
Anyway, let me know how it works, if your not to ashamed to do it :eek: . Sorry.

Oh, and congrats on LD’ing, and good luck.
Nemesis ends long post and hopes that everybody is not look at him like :eh: , WTF?

That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day! :content:

I will definately try that though! I can imagine if one of my family members sees me. :eek:

I’ll be outside spinning in cicles and rubbing my hands screaming “this is a dream! It’s fading! It’s fading!” My family will stare and be like…" :confused: :confused: ?"

That’s guite a humorous image though…hehe

It makes sense though…when I started doing RC s IRL, I started doing them more often in my dreams. I’ll try that sometime this week,tell y’all how it went. :cool_laugh:

Congrats dreamer chic… i actually just had my first (since trying, i had one a few years ago) LD this morning :smile:

there is a thread about it in this same area, but in mine i was waving my hands around at one point in my bed, worried if my family would walk in and see me (still trying to prove it was a dream i guess)… it was hilarious.

Congrats. I want one too! T_T

Congratulations, dreamer_chic! I remember like 3 years ago when I had my first lucid dream. It was such an exhilarating feeling, but I was lucky and managed to remain lucid in it for about 5 minutes before it began to fade.
I guess I have just always been lucky with lucid dreaming.
I also agree with what you say about partially cutting some slack on your efforts to gain lucidity and letting it come to you instead. I’ve had the same experience.
:smile: Good luck! I wish you another lucid dream tonight.

Thanks everyone. I didn’t even remember my dreams from last night (was at a friends house, never remember my dreams there). But I’m just going to sit back a bit and let the LD’s come to me…lol
I’ll definately try the ‘acting thing’ tomorrow though… All I’ve been doing are some RC 's here and there…

Yay, I had another one last night. It was about half a minute to a minute long.
It seems like I can’t find anything worthwhile to do in my LD’s. I just ran around the whole time looking for something to do…lol. I made a list of things to do in my LD’s in my DJ, maybe I should take a look at it when I’m dreaming?
I’ve alslo heard that you can practice things in your dreams, is that effective? I could use a little bit extra cheerleading practice in my dreams…

That’s right. The psychologist and lucid dream researcher Pr Paul Tholey used LD’s in his training of the German Olympic ski jumping team. He said to S. Laberge that he learned skateboard figures by practicing in his lucid dreams.

I was a little skeptical a while ago, but yeah, it really does help you with stuff IRL. I guess when you do it in a dream, it kind of gets implanted into your subconcious, and so the ability just comes naturaly IRL. Oh, and let me know how the rehearsal thing works out.

Remember, you don’t have to do stuff that’s in the dream environment. You can just make stuff appear. Wanna ride a pterodactyl (a nice alternative to flying, it’s really awesome :happy: )? Just close your eyes, say what you want to happen, and poof, one very friendly dinosaur. If you have trouble making things happen, all you have to do is believe that because it’s a dream, you can do anything.

Alright, i’m going to go play Time Splitters 3. Bye.

By that I mean the thing where you practice having a lucid dream. Sorry about that.

That makes perfect sense Nemesis. When my crush :content: appeared in my first LD (posted here), I beleived that he could be teleported to my house. Last nights LD, I tried to do it, and it didn’t work. That’s because I was skeptical about it, right?

Then the pluuging-your-nose-and-breathing-through-it RC doesn’t work for me because I don’t think it will work. ha, makes perfect since now!

But I think that I need to do things that you can’t do IRL in my LD’s. Right now they are boring…really boring