My first LD story for anyone who wants to listen

Alright, I am 16 years old, I have done plenty of research (particularly read the wikipedia guide) about LDs in the past, but last thursday I finally had my first.

About a month ago I had thought I had an LD, but I couldnt remember much and I was rather confused. I highly doubt it was an LD.

On thursday I was thinking about this experience at about 8:00PM and thought “It would be cool to have an LD”. Not much thought after that, as I was watching TV.

That night I went to bed at 11:00PM, and started dreaming. This is where the dream starts:

  1. I go to high school, so in the beggining I was walking around school, talking to particular people I know, looking around, etc. I was not aware of the LD at this point, but I had “thoughts within thoughts”. I felt as though this was the real world, but still felt semi-retarded in my brain usage, as obviously I was asleep.

  2. Things started getting wierd. First off, when I would talk to people they would not answer my questions I asked right. For example, a close friend of mine, John, was in my dream and I would ask him a random question (I cant remember what I asked, but it sure as hell didnt relate to baseball) but he would always say something about the Mets and their run in the NLCS.

  3. During the dream, I had a wallet made of flowers. I do not understand the meaning of this, but it seemed rather “fruity” to me. I am a male, and I am certain that I am not a homosexual lol. This was a random part of the dream, but I figured I would include it.

  4. “Enlightenment”. Somehow I realized I was dreaming. I was shocked, and was “thinking” of how to get out. I almost jumped in front of a bus, but then I “thought” that something would happen to me in RL (I know this wouldnt happen, but hey, I was dreaming and my thoughts are different than in reality). All of a sudden I transported to a dark room, the sky went dark. There was one window. I thought of my research on LDs, and I stuck one hand out, (superman style), and I flew up into the sky. I figured I would discover the universe. Wrong. When reaching space, I suddenly came right back out of the ground on earth. After flying maybe halfway through the atmosphere to try again, I woke up. I was sweating, my head felt like all the blood was at the top, I was wide awake after being tired an hour earlier, and I was panting. I felt scared for some reason. In hindsight, it was an AWESOME experience.

Now, MANY of you talk about how you can think and do whatever actions you want, as though you have full thought. I felt retarded, I could think, but I also couldnt think. Its impossible to describe. Maybe next weekend I will try the MILD or WILD techniques (I dont want to get an LD and wake up in another hour and try and fall asleep again on a school night lol).

Any comments? I was talking to some of my friends and many report being brought back down to earth after flying into the universe.

Thanks for listening to this quite long post :happy:

Great post!

awsome first LD! the wallet mde of flowers sounds cool, you should get one lol

Absolutely the same has happened to me when I tried to fly like that, yep I just came up from te ground like that. The awakening experience was also the same.

Congratulations on your first experience! :content:

Glad to hear! At least I’m not the only one :happy:

I fall asleep very fast, and I dont really want to keep many dream diaries, because most of the time I dont remember my dreams.

I want to get some more LDs under my belt, but I am not there for self actualization, but rather the open environment, like a limitless video game of some sort. I want to go into the dream world and fly all over the place, control the weather, etc.

But how to gain more consiousness during my LD? It wasnt like I had full control, I had thoughts, but I was like a semi-retarded kindergartener because I couldnt think straight. My brain was too confused, too much information, etc.

I’m not sure if I should use MILD, WILD, or WBTB as a method. The night I had my first LD I did nothing, it was all natural, no help at all. How did that happen?

Any answers?

I laughed. :grin:

I can definately relate to your experience lol.
When I had my first few LDs, my “brain usage” was more or less dumbed down by 50% or even more LOL like I knew I was dreaming, but I just couldn’t do any more than walking and talking and maybe opening a door to keep walking.
But after that, I started gaining more and more control over my dreamself and my dream as a whole!
I’m sure that eventually you’ll start gaining more and more control over your LDs as well. :content: no worries!
And it’ll become an even more awesome experience once you get to creating your own stuff in your LDs :slight_smile: so there’s lots to look forward to as you develop your LD skills.