My First LD

I woke up after sleeping for approx 6 hours. I read a little bit in this book about LDing and then tried to MILD. I couldn’t sleep for like 30 mins but I kept telling myself that “I was going to be aware in my dream” and stayed concentrated on my intention. I then remember this loud fuzzy noise. I was really confused and scared. All of a sudden I had this visual of me tossing and turning in my bed, but the speed of this visual was abnormally fast. I then stood up right in my bed and everything seemed very blury. I instantly knew I was deaming. I dont know how but I did. I plugged my nose and could still breathe out of it. I was really excited, but almost more scared and confused about what just happened to me. As I got out of bed, I noticed a Nerf toy at my feet (something I didn’t actually own), which was another dream sign. I tried to flip on the lights but they didn’t work. Then I thought about flying, so I just hopped a couple of times up and down. I didn’t actually ‘fly’ but i knew that I stayed in the air longer than usual.

My goal was to go see the Rocky Mountains when I first LDed so I started to spin and I closed my eyes and focused on going there. I opened them with no luck. I tried a second time and slowly opened my eyes to see a massive mountain range in front of me, with an orange colored sky. Right as I looked around the dream started to fade and I was back in my room. It was an amazing experience, but a little frightning in the beginning. I almost think that my induction was something other than MILD, what do you think?

You’re right - that wasn’t MILD. Sounds like WILD to me (in fact, I’m certain it is). The loud fuzzy sound was HS and the visual of you tossing and turning in bed was HI.

Maybe you start practicing WILD :smile:.

yeah, because last night, I was going through my routine of inducing a LD (wake up after 6 hours, read a little, get relaxed, and repeat my mantra over and over.) , and it happened again.
Just this really loud noise was going through my head. But this time there were no visuals it was just pitch black. I couldn’t move at all when i tried to. I tried to stay focused on it but I woke up unsuccessful. It was crazy as hell

You couldn’t move because you had entered SP, which is perfectly normal.

next time try to said to yourself that you want to be on the top of the mountains! :content: