My first LD ???

I had a dream last night :

The first thing I remember in the dream is me saying : " Hey, I’m dreaming !!" Then I saying : “Woohoo my first Lucid Dream !!”

But then I can’t quite remember… I recall flying, then speaking to some guy and then I flew off with a girl… to… erm… do stuff…

And then I think I went back to ND because I just had that dream over and over again… in 1 Night !!!

I don’t even know if I actually had a LD

Hi Sharki!

This time, it looks really like you were lucid! :smile: Congrats on your first LD! :clap:
Do you usually have a good dream recall? Too bad you can’t remember your dream very well… :sad:

I dont know if I would call it a Lucid Dream…but more like a Lucid Moment :smile:
But hey Good job on that because some people cant even get that far…

Maybe practice a few things to keep yourself within the LD and make sure to write your dreams down…it does wonders.


well normally I don’t have much dream recalls but for the past week I have been remembering dreams everyday

Ok a lucid moment :happy: that suits me