My first LD!


So i had my first LD this morning, i had been trying WILDing for like 30 minutes just concentrating on “I am dreaming, and I should be aware of it”, suddenly when i was giving up i woke up in my bed in my backyard… ofc i didnt do any RC! But when i stood up i saw something like 1 clown and 1 zombie comming towards me :razz:, the first thing i remembered was “Confront your fears” which ive read several times on LD-guides. So i tried it out and ofc their faces went from scary to scared when i walked towards them and they disappeared, i now realized i was lucid!

Here’s a few things I experienced my first time!::

I was flying alot, through ceilings, through walls… just to get to totally different places. I walked through glass just to kiss a random girl :spinning:P?). I visited probably my dreamplace, it was two enourmous rocks in the sunny ocean with small forests upon them, i flyed happy and free around them at a very high speed… it was the most awesome experience ive ever had! (this was just a few of them, forgot most of the dreams)

One problem i had though was false awakening, woke up several of times when it was snowing inside and had my shoes on which i thought i had to get rid of to stay in my lucid dream haha :razz:.

With this thread i kind of wanna thank you all for the tips and tricks to achieve my lucid dream, cant say it have changed my life but i have a new big interest and “hobby” :razz:.

Thank you!! /wallan

That sounds awesome wallan! keep it up!

Congrats of the first LD
and congrats on WILD ( ive never had any luck)
And about the FA, Well that happened to me about 19 times my first lucid dream as well.

And good luck on achieving more LD’s

Very interesting way to become lucid, congrats on that.

Keep on with good work! :thumbs:

Congratulations! You did a lot of neat stuff, and didn’t wake up immediately. Good luck for the future!