My first long LD! but I have some questions...

Yay! Last night I had my first long LD. I tried to take complete control by changing faces of people in my dream by closing my (dream)eyes and running my hand down their face imagining the person I wanted them to be. Is this an effective method? It didn’t really work for me. I also tried to create a guitar by playing air guitar Imagining it was real. Didn’t work.
Also in a LD it’s normal for random dream things to come up right? And now the question thats been on my mind! Being lucid in this dream felt so real. (so real I had to do a RC to see if I was still dreaming!) But when I woke it felt like just another dream even though I was lucid. Is that normal?

Congratulations! :mrgreen_hat:

I try not to close my eyes in my lucid dreams. Last time I tried that, when I opened them back up again it wasn’t my dream eyes that opened but my real eyes. I’ve heard plenty of others with similar experiences. Next time try imagining the person of your choice just around the corner, or behind a door, and then looking to see if they’re there.

Yes. That’s why it can be so much fun just exploring and seeing what you come across.

I too have noticed this. When I’m in a lucid dream, it’s almost indistinguishable from reality, but when I wake up it doesn’t seem like a real memory. I think our brains store dream memories and real memories differently, which makes sense evolutĩonarily speaking. Even though the dream seems absolutely real at the time (and I suspect this is the case even with non-lucid dreams), when we wake up our brains make it easy to say “oh, that was just a dream”. And then, for most people at least, those dream memories get thrown into the mental dustbin and forgotten.

I’m nowhere near being an expert but I have a theory about lucid dreams. I think your control is somewhat based on your confidence that your actions will work. If you close your eyes and rub their faces, but you think you will be unsuccessful, then you will be unsuccessful. The same way I keep falling off every ladder in my dreams.

Try reading my thread, it’s in the same topic as this one. It’s called “falling off a ladder”.

It’s pretty easy to create persons or places in a lucid dream once you get the hang of it. It’s difficult for your mind to create a person or situation instantly, so you need to create the situation more slowly. If you want to manifest a person for instance, you need to say something like "if I enter that building over there “X person” will be there. This gives your lucid mind time to create the situation and it always works. Nothing is done instantly, give your mind time.