My First Low Level Lucid Dream???

This morning I think I had my first low level lucid dream. Here’s what happened… :smile:

Last night, after having read about the Wake Back To Bed method, I went to sleep somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00, after having watched TV in bed. I had set my alarm for 6am, with the idea of trying the Wake Back To Bed method. :wink:

In a post that I wrote when I had first woken up, I said about how I had a kind of very brief false awakening just before my alarm went off (for details, see other post).

Anyway, so then I was wide awake, and I decided to go online and visit the Ld4all site and post that message, plus I wrote about it in my diary, plus checked my e-mails and replied to another message on Ld4all.

By the time I had finished doing all this, it was about 10 to 7, so I decided to spend a few minutes looking at the swirly subliminal thing :clown:. Then I shut down my computer and went back to bed with earplugs in.

It seamed to take me ages to fall asleep, and I had difficulty in relaxing. Eventually I did fall asleep though, and then that’s when it finally happened. :happy:

I became concious that I was dreaming, without any effort at all, although it was only low level. I knew straight away I was dreaming, and I kept saying to myself, “I am dreaming! I am dreaming!”

I felt excited, but there was none of the fear of the unknown like there has been in all my previous weird night time experiences, because I was concious and knew it was all just a dream. The whole thing felt completely calm and natural, although a little bit strange I suppose.

Not much happened really, because I was still kind of concious of the fact that I was in bed. I looked (not physically, but in the dream) at my wall and saw some interesting light patterns on it, like you sometimes get when light comes through your window at night. This would be impossible in real life, as it was not the wall opposite the window, but the wall that the window is on! (I was looking at the bit of wall next to the window, if you know what I mean).

Then I had a few other visual flashes, like I somehow saw my computer monitor behind me, like it was floating next to my bed or something. This was not a prolonged thought though, just a quick flash that passed by before I had any chance to think about it. It wasn’t particularly clear either.

Then I thought to myself (like a complete LD novice) that I should maybe think about sex :wink: , but before I could even properely begin to, the dark dream world I had created started to fade away, and I started to become more concious of my physical body and I could feel that my finger was gently touching my face. I tried to fight this and stay lucid (I even remember saying to myself “Increase lucidity by 10 times” several times, but I don’t know at what point in the dream this happened), but it all faded away and I gently woke up, not feeling scared or anxious in any way, not even feeling extremely excited about it either (because nothing much had happened in it), but just feeling a moderate amount of excitement and calm happiness about the fact that I had got yet another step closer.

Can I just get some other opinions on this from more experienced people? Does this sound like I had my first brief low level lucid dream?

So anyway, that seams to be the best way really, for me anyway, to wake up after about 5 or 6 hours sleep, write some messages on the Ld4all site, look at the swirly subliminal thing for a few minutes, then go back to bed with earplugs in and just lie there and think about stuff.

The whole thing occured quite naturally without any real effort, so who knows what I’ll be able to achieve if I do the same method but put loads of effort into reality checks and stuff before I go back to bed. What if I was to do the same thing as I just did, but instead of spending an hour on the computer, what if I dedicate half that time to doing some good quality reality checks? Next time I become concious in my dream, I’d like to be dreaming that I’m doing something other than just lying in my bed looking at funny images in the darkness. I’d like to dream that I’m putting my hand through my bedroom wall or something.

:spinning: :clown:


Even better, why not try MILD as you return to sleep?. This works for me every time. Reality checks can be useful (although not for me) but doing them intensely for 30 mins may not neccesarily be worth the time. Try MILD.

Yeah, I kind of did that a bit, because I had read about it here. I was saying things like “I am going to dream, I am dreaming, I am aware of my dream,” plus visualising things, but then my mind started to wonder.

Any specific tips on how best to do MILD?

Thanks in advance. :smile:


Everything works differently for different people, but if you’re like me then you’ll have the best results if, instead of repeating a phrase mindlessly in your head, you really think about your intention to remember that you’re dreaming.

And the number one thing, as with any induction technique, is to believe that it will happen and not get frustrated.

Thanks a lot for the tips.



I have been using WBTB almost exclusively to try to induce LD’s.

But, I do not have a clock that I can use as an alarm. You are supposed to have one go off after 6 hours and then go back to bed a little while after you wake up. Well, what I do is drink water before I go to bed in the evening. LOTS of water. This will effectively wake me up about 5-7 hours after I went to bed. Then I will “do my thing” and go back to bed.

After about a week using this method I had one LD. So I will continue this way.

Just another version of WBTB for you all to try :content:

Yeah, I remeber reading something about that a few weeks ago, dunno if it was on this site or on another one.

I read that when you go to the toilet, that it’s good to imagine that you are dreaming, so then when you go back to sleep, you might dream that you’re walking downstairs to go to the toilet, and then you might realise this and be like “Hey, I’ve already been to the toilet, I must be dreaming” and then fly out the window or something.

:happy: :spinning:


P.S. How do you know this isn’t a dream right now?

I´ve had a few low-quality LD´s in my last 3 nights - but I don´t count them as “real LDs”.

Like last night for example:

A fat lady locked me into a room and I could get out. Just like that pling!, I realized “I am dreaming! I am dreaming!” (like usual) - so I simply walked through the door out, grabbed a chair - and then went after the fat lady to litterally kill her for what she did, since I knew it only was a dream.

But then my vision started to fade and I said “Perfect sight…now!”, but it didn´t work.

I´m so f:ing confused. But I guess I should be lucky for getting lucid in my dreams just like that. The problem is that they´re of low-quality, and they don´t last for so long.

Help me, what can I do? Are they false LD´s since I can´t realy think like I do when I´m awake?

The two LD’s I had (beginner’s luck, haven’t had any since and in fact my dream recall is faltering…I need to use my journal again!) were much like yours, Iiyama…if you realize that you’re dreaming, apparently it still counts as an LD, no matter how low the lucidity was. According to Dr. LaBerge in EWLD, to gain more clarity and control of a fading dream you must stare at a detail of the dream, especially your hands or a dream object; this grounds you in the dream. If worst comes to worst, you can also do the “dream spinning” technique or rub your hands.