My first lucid dream after 5 nights

I finally had a lucid moment… within a dream…

I dont know what time it was in the night but I remember doing my MILD before sleeping, imagining the beach that I had tried to imagine of the previous 4 nights… After some cool HI my imagination was really going crazy and I could almost feel myself on the beach… then my right foot felt like it got jerked 6 inches and I awoke… back to sleep I fell right asleep and somewhere in my dreams I saw a strange figure… I think i ay have been on a beach… I dont know… It’s hard to say… I have this feeling tat there was a boat involved some how, but I don’t know.

I saw some huge orange thing and for some reason knew imediatly it was a dream (i have no idea how) I got excited and I felt myself waking up so I did some summersaults and spins but my excitement ended the dream… I remember waking up this morning but I didn’t recall that I had a lucid dream until about 4 hours after getting up and starting my day.

I apologize for the size but here is a pictu re of whaH I saw in my dream. I coloured out on a trampoline this afternoon :content:
Errr… your picture was rather huge! I found it better to make a link out of it as well for slow bandwidth users.

Thanks for your help everyone I hope to go FULLY lucid ver y soon.

Congrats! Nice pic too! :clap:

Congrats!!! :grin:

I was thinking the object could be a clock… but then I realized that it had even less dots around the edge than I drew, and i only drew 10 :tongue:

Who knows, but I hope to go fully lucid soon :happy:

Congrats, Forw4rd! A 1st LD after 5 days! That’s great! :clap:
Strange thing you saw… :eh: You don’t know what it was?

I wish you good luck! May you have your next LD’s very soon! :wink: