My first lucid dream ended not so good

The first lucid dream I remember haveing as a child went like this.
My Dog ryco and I were walkining across a large old style train bridge, way out west somewhere to wich I am not sure as to where exactly. We walked about half way across the bridge when all the sudden I heard a train comining , one of those old steam locamotives. I knew my dog and I could never make it back to the start of the tracks so I picked her up and jumped off the bridge It had to be at least 1000 feet down somehow I knew I was dreaming and would land on my feet and when I landed I walked a few feet afterwards and suddenly woke up. I was flat on my face on the floor and had fell off my bunk bed, knocking the wind out of me. It was around 5 am . later that morning my father came in while we where eating breakfast and explained that ryco had hung herself from the door of the shed she had tried to jump at the door and got her collar caught on the edge killing her. I’m still trying to process this did I drag my dog into my dream or her drag me in ? Or is it just a strange coincidence, that she died the night we jumped?


that was God my friend.