My First Lucid Dream (I Think)!

last night i had a dream that I was watching tv. all of a sudden, I just realized that I was dreaming! nothing triggered it, I just knew. i did a few reality checks (looked at my hands & Plugged my nose) and then I just took sometime to look around my house. after I became lucid, everything became so real! it was truly a beautiful sight (well, as far as my house being beautiful can go:]). but when I tried to make stuff appear, or change the scenory, it didn’t happen. I had absolutely no control at all. What could I have been doing wrong? Please help!

Good to know that you’ve succeeded in getting your first LD. Even though you were lucid, full dream control is not guaranteed, as Lucid =/= Control. To be able to make things appear, do magic etc., I suggest reading this nice guide: Dream Control Training Course. It will teach you many techniques, which will help you to fully control your dream. Remember, first lucid dreams are the worst ones. You will get a lot better LD’s after that :smile:. Good luck on getting your next one.