My first lucid dream last night::open to interpretation

I have been wanting to astral project and have been practicing breathing and relaxation, clearing my mind by way of mantra “my mind is blank” x3 “I will remember my dreams” x3. Well, last night I couldn’t relax to save my life so I just decided to sleep but still did my mantras. I had one dream that I remember, but the second dream is where I became lucid and I would like to share it with you…


  I was in a house with my wife in a hallway that led to the front door; someone lightly knocked-I slowly unlocked then relocked the door.  Light knock again-I slowly unlocked then relocked the door.  Soft knock again, I softly unlocked and opened the door to 4 people standing in single file led by a female.  They began to enter the house in single file stating they've been in a car wreck and needed to use the phone still slowly walking in single file not making eye contact with me.  My wife led the first 3 deeper into the house (I guess to use the phone).  I was still by the front door and there was a room right off to the right.  The fourth person stopped at me and softly grabbed my shoulders and softly said he needed help, then grabbing my shoulders tight he lunged for my throat with his mouth.  I grabbed his neck with both hands and squeezed with all my strength-he was strong and lifted me off my feet, but I never let go.  Him being so strong was his downfall because one time he slightly lost his balance bringing a foot off the floor which I was able to counter slamming his head into the wall.  I slammed, and slammed his head until it was as if it was deflated "absolutely no blood in this dream BTW"  
  During my fight with this guy two things happened #1 My wife let out a blood curdling bellow calling for me once.  #2 the female intruder made her way back to where I was fighting this man and she was making smart comments to me like "he is not gonna be happy" but never once tried to help him.
  After I killed my attacker I was in that other room to the right of the door (it's just where I ended up while fighting)  As I said the female was in the doorway then another male appeared...........

(L)…In my dream I thought to myself “this is what I wanted-what I’ve been practicing for” so I thought of a silver-tipped staff to kill these guys and one appeared in my hands. The male looked at me, shook his head and lifted his hand and my staff shattered like glass. So I thought of another weapon (can’t remember the name) he did the same thing but this weapon went limp like a snake. They left out of the front door, female led, single line down the street. When I looked into the house a man burst out of the door that led To another room (I guess he was hiding) with his hands on his cheeks shouting “my wife, my wife” (talking about my wife). I then woke up.

do you think this was lucidity?

any interpretations would be great … thanks for reading also :confused:

Hello, congrats on your lucid dream!
Yes, it was lucidity, since you were at one point aware of the fact that you are dreaming, and that’s the basic definition of a lucid dream.

Well, dreams are always somewhat weird, I don’t think there is anything to interpret, just one of those dreams.
You know, dreaming is a way for our mind to process things that happened during the day or maybe earlier.

Good luck with future lucid dreams :smile: