my first lucid dream

i had my first ld the other night, and ive got to say that it was just by luck that it happened. i started trying to ld a couple of weeks ago but have become lazy and dont keep a journal etc. anyways i was with my girlfriend in my room when my dad happens to come home. my girlfriend + my dad isnt a good mix. she got so terrified that she froze and i had to pick her up and try to hide her. my dad found her and i knew i was in more trouble than i could imagine. i thought to myself and said that nothign this bad could really happen, then i looked at my clock. it was 11:03. i looked away, looked back, and saw that the clock was now 11:11. i shouted out of excitement and it made the screen of the clock turn red, then yellow with unrecognizeable characters. of the first things i tried, i got the hang out flying ok, and i started making things levitate. to my surprise though, everything that i did took alot of concentration and proved to be very hard when i figured that things would just kind of happen as you wanted them to. does anyone have any advice on how to continue having ld’s, and what i should do? ive wanted to see if i have a guide…but for some reason i couldnt remember to do anything in my dream other than fly and telekinetics. any ideas?

congratulations! its a good feeling having concious thought in dreams isnt it. almost like some kind of drug.

on ideas on what to do when you become lucid. have a read around this site, maybe peoples dream journals who have lds all the time. something will take your fancy. you will get intrigued by something that is possible to do when lucid and you will want to do it. concentrate on this thing that you want to do and then when you become lucid next time, hopefully it will be inside your head and you will do it.

as for suggestions, try creating things with your mind. this is what i am currently trying to do have complete control over creating anything i want. it doesnt always work as it should but if your strong willed enough and have a good imagination you should do fine.

have fun,



Your 1st LD is the start to many and they will become even easier. :grin:

ConstantDreamer :grin:

Congratulations! :grin: That’s quite a successful LD for a first one! If Iremember correctly, my first was before I knew what it was, so I just woke myself up, and my second involved me sitting for a long time not knowing how to make anything happen. :neutral:

As for advice, I’d say, most importantly, don’t try too hard. It’s easy to keep trying and trying and getting more frustrated if it doesn’t work again, and that usually screws it up even more. :wink: And just try to keep paying attention to everything all the time, looking out for anything out of the ordinary, it should make it easier to recognize a dream when it’s happening.

Good luck!

Lucky, i still haven’t had a single LD…

if you got it randomly, do what you did that night and maybe it’ll happen again. i just want a LD like that, yet i cant ever get one :sad:

congratulations though…

Did you try and LD methods while you were going to sleep, or was it random? I’ll bet that there was something you did while trying to go to sleep that made you LD. If you can figure out what it was, then you can probably do it again.

Sounds like you had a good bit of fun. I can’t wait til I get my first :sad:

hey man dont take that kind of attitude towords Lucid Dreaming it will just make it harder for you to do it you gotta belive in yourself man


You found one important key, you now know that lucid dreaming is real. You also found another key (I’ll bet), that it was not as hard as you thought. Now the final key is to stop being lazy and practice! You have already had a lucid dream so you know they are worth the little bit of effort you have to use to practice the techniques. Trust me, you lucid dreams will get 100 better if you don’t give up.

wow pnut, you have inspired me, now im going to stay on track, remember my dreams better and then i’ll hit the road of lucidity