my first lucid dream!!!!!!!!!

Iwent to sleep early last night…actually fell asleep on accident not my plan at all seeing as I’ve been trying to wild every night. I woke up at 530 to take my lady to work. An hour went by before I was back in bed at 7.I didn’t remember my dream when I got up, but when I got back in bed I just went straight to sleep. I woke up kinda hazy and sleepy and decided to pinch my nose and see if I could breath…I could barely breath.I realized I was lucid! I got so excited and went to jump out of bed, everything got dark and I decided to lay back down for a second. My entire body started to tingle so I pinched my nose and kept breathing through it. I then got up slow and went downstairs. It was completely different from what I new to be my house. (There was a mirror but I didn’t think to step through it) downstairs I felt like I was waking up so I started spinning and it kept me lucid!!! I pulled up my hands to look at them but they where invisible I said to myself I’m going to see my hands and sure enough the next time I looked they where there deformed and with six fingers. I then tried to fly. Nothing happened but I thought about levitating and got a little bit up but went back down…I decided to change something the first thing I changed I can’t remember…the second thing though was a black flower vase to a red one with different flowers.I then decided to go outside but on my way out I woke up…once I woke up I realized to late that I was in a dream still and went to a normal dream! What the heck was this double wake up???

holy shmoly, congrats on your first LD!! :partying_face: :beer: :grouphug:

i guess the double wake up was an FA? maybe? :shrug:

congratulations! :smile:

and yeah, sounded like a FA I think…

Congrads :smile:

Congrats on the LD j4 :colgate: :biggrin:

That double-wakeup was an FA

Congrats on both your first LD and FA :content: They often go hand-in-hand, at least in my experience :smile: Sounds like you managed to try out quite a few things for your first LD. You must have been well prepared. Changing the flowers was a nice trick :happy:

Good job on your first LD! I wish you very much more LDs!

i was actually very well prepared! i made a list well before my first LD of what iwanted to do in my LD and thought about it often. also i remembered the spinning trick! anymore tips on how to remain lucid longer or how to fly??? i tried a few times to fly but only succeded in levitating a few inches