My First Lucid Dream

Hi every one i want to share my LD with you when i first heard about LDing i had no information about that i read a lot about WILD technique then i start using WILD every night with out even making a DJ then after having 5-6 failed WILD i had FWILD

The dream was " I was in my bed in morning.It was Sunday (i usually spend Sunday’s morning being bored) and i start thinking what to do.I start wondering in my room then i saw a box in my room i opened it inside was another flat and square box i opened it and saw there were many colorful cotton balls arranged in grid then the cotton balls start transforming into small chicks with the same color as that of cotton ball then it came to me that i was dreaming i thought that i should a RC before doing anything. i saw a mirror in my room i become afraid that what will i see in mirror i stand before mirror i see a very clear and vivid reflection of me i became very happy in dream that dream start bluing.I ran to next room that room was crowded and it was getting difficult to move then i remember to use spinning technique but there was no space in the room to spin then i tried to rub my hands but i was holding two big T.V remotes in my hands that i cant use that technique either i started to run and fall to the floor then i FA."
now i stop using WILD start keeping DJ and gathering knowledge about LD.

Congratulations! Looks like a very nice LD. Hope you’ll get more of them soon :smile:

Haha congratulations on your LD, I like the part were their are TV remotes in your hands :tongue:. What helps me is to do all this stuff at the beging of the dream so (and throughout even when everything is lucid) And take a lucid pill. Also Gathering knowledge is really helpful, I would be scared of so much stuff If I didn’t do that. GL and keep it up!

Very nice. Congrats on your first LD. X

Thanks everyone.

Congratulations on your first LD! Hopefully there will be many more to come!

Congrats! :smile: