Hey guys !
Sorry for posting 2 topics as near…
I’ve been trying to WILD for a time. THIS night i had tried A LOT of times ; i felt vibrations, (i thought that was SP lol) but nothing after… i wake up, and tried again each time, maybe 7 in total. i was on fire :smile:

Then i failed once more, and tried again. (duh) I felt vibrations normally. I then thought maybe there’s a step further ! So i let my self without fear and they became stronger !
Than i felt really weird, pressure like felling. i tried to move just a finger, it moved but not even a centimeter ! I was in SP !!
So i said don’t panic. I continued. Then at a point i was going to do an OBE, because i felt myself leaving my body.

Of course i didn’t want to so i imagined my room, since i don’t have HH, i don’t know why. It was hard ! But once i did it I WAS IN A DREAM !!! :woo:
I was like wow, all shacking and exited, i ran then said wait, RC ! It worked of course.At this point i turned on my self, and rubbed my hands. My room was dark, tried the switch, and yes, it didn’t work ! I did scream to test it : “LIGHT ON !” I had just a little light… I did it again no progress. So i just went out of my room were light was. I said i’m going out mom, she didn’t answer because i didn’t want her to lol.
It was night. I wanted day but didn’t care, was my dream no need to be scared. I tried to fly, didn’t work, (a little…) So i tried to run real fast, worked like a charm ! WAS AWESOME (like in DBZ they run fast and all).
Then the dream fainted. :tongue:

I’m so happy right now !! :smile:

But here’s my question, why? Why was my dream not that vivid, and why did my orders come just slightly (the light…) ?
Thanks !! :content:

About the vividness and control - it takes time. At first your lds are going to be less vivid and less controllable but as time pass by and you keep on the practice and mainly, remembering it’s YOUR dream, you will get to the point where you can easily control your dream and it will become very vivid indeed.

Thanks alot !! :happy:
I’ll have to practice ^^

It takes some time to get better results, but congrats of your first LD!

Congratulations! :happy:
Im still working at my first, I think I had a Lucid Awakening, because just when I asked myself: Am I dreaming? I woke up
But Congratulations to your first LD!
And keep practicing :smile:

Thanks again. Are there techniques for vivid dreams ? Or for control ?
Would be nice ^^’

Not that i know of, but be patient, you will be able to have extremely vivid and controllable dreams soon.

Play FPS games and games like GTA
i heard it makes it easier to control your dreams when you have been playing a lot of those games :wink:
and getting better controll over them to :smile:

Okay thanks ^^ I hope so.
Because there was moments in the dream where i was not in control, lucid maybe but that’s all ^^’

Lol, i do play lots of those games ^^
I’ll try that :wink:

And while i’m at it, i’ll ask, will it work if i ask my dream guide (if i found him) to come make me lucid in my dreams when i say a certain mantra ?
I was always thinking of this technique.

Well done, sounds like an awesome experience :smile:

My suggestion for making a more vivid experience is to really focus on the hand rubbing. Really feel your hands rubbing together, the whole point is to activate as many dream senses as you can. Really interact with the dream, so take a big sniff and see what you can smell. Feel the friction from rubbing your hands, or even start licking the wall, see what it tastes like!

LOL, your post made me laugh !
Lmao, okay, i’ll try that xD And yes, it was amazing :happy:

I think that your LD was cool. Keep practicing. I can’t controll anything either yet. But I just have to keep going. Gdluck. :smile:

Thanks, yeah it was ! I’ll try again tonight !
I’ll keep you updated if i can :wink:
I’ll try lucidity pills and maybe control pills if they work ! :happy: