My first lucid dream!!!!

Okay so I’m mad because I typed out this whole thing and before I got to post it, it got deleted!! So now I’m just gonna write a shorter version bc this dream was so long… But anyway I had my first lucid dream and it was so cool bc I didn’t even try to have one!! But also I wasn’t fully aware because the dream wasn’t completely vivid because even though I knew I was dreaming and could do fun things, i thought my family in the dream were real life people… So here’s the dream…

I am in the kitchen eating and thinking its cool because I can’t get fat or full bc I’m not actually eating in real life… And my dad is in the kitchen and I tell him this, but then he gets mad and says he wants me to only eat in real life. I try to reason with him but he continues to get more mad and says that he can simply say “wake up” and my lucid dream will be over. I beg him not to and eventually convince him. Then in the next dream it is me and a lot of my family standing outside of this small house. We are all arguing because the house is small and everyone is annoyed with each other. Then I tell them that since I’m dreaming, I can fix this. So then I shout into the sky “give us two large mansions!!” And two mansions appear: one white and beautiful, which all of my family go into, and another which was really creepy and dark with no lights… We avoided that mansion. Then I am later outside with my cousin and sister, and I remember that I wanted to fly in my dreams, so and with that I SHOOT myself into the air. It was the best thing ever! My sister and cousin start flying around with me, and I think some of my other family members too. Then we decide to go to the movies so my Mommom (grandmom) takes my sister, cousin and I to go there. I tell them on the way how when the movie starts it would be awesome to hop into the movie ourselves since we are dreaming… So anyway when we finally get to the movies me and my sister and cousin take our seats but our Mommom went to go get food… Then a teenage girl takes my Mommom’s seat! I don’t say anything though. When my Mommom comes back she tells the girl that that is her seat, but the girl is really bitchy and after they argue the girl finally says, “Fine whatever I’ll move!” But then when she moves, her guy friend takes the same seat! At this point I am pissed, and knowing its a dream, I use my mind power to lift the guy off the seat and throw him across the room! It was awesome!! Everyone looks really confused and I pretend to be confused so no one knows it was me… Lol. So anyway my Mommom takes her seat next to me (finally) and the movie starts. The movie is really boring and I turn to my cousin and tell her this. She agrees with me, and then I get an idea. I shout at the movie screen, “Show us some childhood memories!” Then everyone in the theatre starts cheering. The screen then shows me and my cousin outside when we are little, and she has a white horse and I have a black horse. We are talking and my cousin is constantly cursing. Also, the little girls look nothing like us and we never owned horses and my cousin didn’t curse when she was younger… We are confused because this is obviously a completely made up memory and I wonder why the dream did this. It was weird. Then the dream moves on and I think I lost lucidity because I remember me and my family driving around and at one point we were out if the car and my mom kept yelling at me to put on sunscreen lol …

Aaaaannddd then I eventually woke up. I had to take a minute for it all to sink in… I expected my first long lucid dream to take my breathe away… But it was actually quite normal to me and it seemed like just a normal dream… Except I could do whatever I wanted. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t fully lucid or aware, so I wasn’t able to let it all sink in in the dream… And that makes me think that maybe it’s because I wasn’t fully aware that made my lucidity last so long… Because that kept me from being able to panic, and idk it was just so awesome!! Anyway I would like to have full awareness so I can do more things, and stay calm while doing it. Also, I didn’t even try to have this dream! It just happened!! So yeah my first looonngg lucid dream:D So watcha think of my dream!!! :smile:

Oh yeah and I would like to add that I had this dream at a sleep over and I stayed up until like 3:30 in the morning and slept till like 12:30 in the afternoon lol ;D

I’ve had a few lucid dreams but not as crazy as that, sort of difficult to believe in some parts of that read but cool! hope you have more and tell us more stories.

Awesome for your first lucid dream! (awesome anyways :tongue:). I definitely want to try out the childhood memory thing.