My first lucid dream!

Two nights ago, I had my first lucid dream. I had went to sleep, then woken up later on at about 1:30 AM. I stayed up reading on my tablet for about an hour, then I went back to sleep. I remember laying in a curled up position and then feeling a tingly feeling going through my body, then I saw a black and white world start to form around me. My mind stayed aware through this. Slowly from my toes to my head I felt a strange feeling of being very aware of my body. One thought crossed my mind, “This is a dream.” The world around me was all grayscale. The sky was black and white dots, while the ground was silver. I moved my hands up so I could see them, and then I woke up.
It only really lasted a few seconds, but it was an amazing feeling to be able to move that body. It felt slightly different from the feeling I get when I’m just awake moving my real body. I felt, I guess heaver. When I was waking up, I felt the tingly feeling all over again, and the world had disappeared.

How can I stay lucid longer?
Does anyone have any other advice?

Congrats! This has happened to me a lot after waking up and going back to sleep. I think what they call a WILD, because you go straight from awake into dream. Usually when I start to feeling the fuzzies I completely relax, then I hear a loud buzzing noise, and I continue to relax until I’m certain that I am asleep. At that point I attempt to move an arm, which will then be an aspect of my dream body. Then I try to stand up and walk, open my eyes, etc… if you are careful and wait until you are fully emerged before you move anything, this state can be cultivated into a full dream reality, otherwise you’ll move your real body and wake up.