my first lucid dream

hey i had my first lucid dream :cool_laugh: :content: . the only downfall is when i tried to change the enviornment i kinda woke up any ideas as to why this happend when it did?

think of every second you are lucid a chance for you to wake up. if you are calm and go with the dream flow, the chance that you will wake up is lower than if you attempt to change something. every time you change something, you become more excited and more conscious. if you want to change something, stabilize the dream first and practice with small changes first. if you are planning to change something, make sure that your senses are stimulated prior and during the change, because arousing your senses in a dream helps prevent you from waking up. why dont you touch, stare at, listen to, or taste something?

Hi WindRunner!

Congrats on your 1st LD!!! yay 4 u!! Maybe u were too excited and overjoyed and u woke up because of that.

Congrats on your LD. I had my first one a week ago. I was playing cards with my brother in the dream. He set down two cards. I looked away and when I looked back at them, the cards changed. THen I knew i was dreaming. I changed all my cards to aces. I had 5 of them lol. After that I tried to fly by hopping. That didn’t work and I woke up. Does failing to do something in a LD increase your chance of losing lucidity?

Congrats on YOUr 1st LD Sleepherder !!! I tired flying by hopping once too lol. It Did work 4 a while but then i would just float back to the ground again :neutral:

Congrats on your first LD! There are easy ways to fly, you just have to try them all and find your favorite. Mine is probably to do what super man does (run, jump, fly). Then when you are airborn if you want you can just stop and float straight up. And if you feel yourself waking up, or if the drean starts to get blurry I suggest spinning around in circles, or rubbing your hands together.

Don’t try to change everything on your first few tries. Just explore a little, stabilize it first, and get a feel of it before you start the small things. The small things include floating, talking, making things walk into view, and randomly kicking stuff to see what happens to them.

Good luck on many more!

Thanks Kat and Bullet-pr00f. I’ve been thinking about trying to fly Neo style, getting energy from the ground and springing up. When i get my second LD i’ll try running and jumping, and the Neo one. Or maybe just levitating.

Yea this is a good tip. Don’t go all crazy trying everything you can think of, just relax and get a feel of what LDing is like. And sleepherder good luck with flying. For me I found just floating straight up was a challenge. I also found that confidence in yourself was important, or atleast for me. The first time I had success flying in a LD I kept thinking to myself “I can do this, I can do this, I can do this…”