My first nightmare in years

I often have trouble relating to peoples stories of nightmares, as I have not experienced one in many years (probably since i was 5) Last night I had one and it was very startling, and seemed like a nw experience for me even though I had nightmares before when i was younger. There is certainly a unique emotion that comes with a nightmare, and the experience s quite interesting and different from normal dreams. In my nightmare last night i dreamed that little rubber things shaped like babies snuck into my house at night and were attempting to kill me. I find it hard to elaborate on the story because of how bizzare and fragmented to plot was. But there was deffinatly fear. After forcing myself awake from the dream (at one point i had become lucid and knew that i was dreaming) the fear was still there. I was afraid to stick my head out from under my covers. I felt very childish because i knew that it was just a dream but i felt safe. Eventually I drifted back to sleep and the nightmare continued, i watched horrified as my family members were torn apart by the little rubber thing’s teeth. again and again i woke from the dream and then fell back asleep and the dream continued. Finally after only 3 hours of sleep I forced myself to stay awake. After fooling aroung for 30 minutes the fear finaly subsidded and i was able to get some peaceful sleep.

For you people with recurring nightmares, I feel pity for you. Nightmares are so evil.

Really? I like nightmares. They are far more vivid and real like then normal dreams, and you remember them for a long time.

i use to have reacuring nightmares when I was young. The similliar one poped up a couple of times each month, for a couple of years. It was kindda like a tv show.
Each time it’d start with my parents or grand parents or someone I know telling me they’d take to the park. yay, cos I was young!
But it was park in a wood like area. Isolated.

Then I’d see us going towards it (me begging not to go, but I’m forced to). I then see one or two monsters in a third person view watching me. They then turn and look at the ‘screen’. Just like a t.v. series :content:.

And yeah, every time there were different monsters. Sometimes I died, somtimes I lived. It was really scaring though…

Wait a second… I just realised that the place I often camp out with my freinds is kindda like that area… freaky…

HAHA, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time now. :happy: If I were to have that dream, I’d just roll on the ground in laughter as the monsters turned around. Sounds like a something a B-class movie would do to build up excitement or what not.

I wish I would have some nightmares soon, sounds pretty exciting…

I’ve never really had many nightmares, I would always end up turning around and destroying the monsters with my powers that I figured I MUST have if monsters are to exist (this quickly evolved into the realization that monsters=dreaming)
Even outside of it, I wasn’t afraid of the dark. If there was a monster under my bed then there was a movement-activated turbolaser ready to blast him once he showed his ugly head.


I swear there was something else that went with it (music or title or summit) but I can’t remember. And it may just my memory playing tricks on me :eh:.

Okay. This has to be the worst nightmare ever, simply it is probably considered too dumb to be a nightmare. I haven’t had this one for a few years, so I’m out of the woods (hopefully). It was one of those tough little recurring ones too.

I’d be under my bedsheets. In my field of vision, I could see six easter candies (dead serious), and the word “six” in the top right corner of my field of vision. I would say," aww… only six?"

Then out of nowhere, this fiendish-sounding voice would say, “okay, not six. EIGHT!!!” Then a bright white light shines through my bedsheets, there is a boing sound not unlike the sound of jumping on a matress, and I always wake up from that one sweating and with my heart pounding.

Nuclei, if you have a problem with unintentionally re-entering a nightmare theres simple routines you can do to avoid it. I usually take a sip of water, shake my head around a little to reduce stress and wake me up slightly, and stay awake until my thoughts settle on something else. If you go right back to sleep after waking from dreams like that, they are still on your mind.

Also, never doubt your own powers when you are aware of dreaming. I have had numerous nightmares where I became lucid and turned the situation completely around. I actually use fear as a dreamsign now so nightmares rarely get to me anymore.