My First OBE !

It was amazing! so spiritual!
I was floating over my body, and then returned, suddenly I was floating over my body again(did a RC) and tried to fly from my body, I was flying over the end table in my house but then returned to my body again.
Then I had a dream about the little girl Maria which is my SG ! I finally found my SG!
I saw her in teen and adult form. and in my dream she was a child.

Wow, I’m glad for you.
Flying away far from your body doesn’t work for people, you always stay close to it.

Actually, I’ve been on this forum for over a year, I got my 1st lucid dream in 2008., but I still haven’t got any OBEs.Wow.

Actually, I’ve never even tried to get one ^^
But then again, I don’t try to get LDs and I still get them spontaniously like today.

Congratulations on your OBE :happy: it was very good to be first OBE, I had one like yours once :tongue: (Im not so much into OBE’s however). And its nice to hear you found your SG as well :cool_laugh:

Thanks for the reply :happy: